It may refer to: Šesták. Directories Newly added. Musikalische Laufbahn. I had a few buddies round for a poker night recently, I put this on in the background and they said “shit, this is just like playing poker in Red Dead Redemption”. Luca Sestak is a German boogie-woogie, blues and jazz pianist. Although his discography is a little limited with only 2 solo albums, there is still enough material on Spotify to really get a taste for some of Sestak’s high class jazz piano playing. Log In Once logged in, you can add biography in the database. Get recommendations for other artists you'll love. Right now, at 16 years of age, Luca outplays even veteran boogie woogie pianists. Luca Sestak top song lyrics, albums and similar artists overview. Even back then you could easily see how many talent he had. Find Luca Sestak discography, albums and singles on AllMusic Find top song lyrics from Luca Sestak On site we have featured actors, singers, dancers and filmmakers. Now we are happy to introduce a talented musician - Luca Sestak from Germany. Read Luca Sestak's bio and find out more about Luca Sestak's songs, albums, and chart history. Marija Šestak (born 1979), Slovenian/Serbian triple jumper; Matija Šestak (born 1972), Slovenian sprinter who specialized in the 400 meters; Stanislav Šesták (born 1982), Slovak footballer; Sestak. Luca Sestak Sestak began playing piano, at the age of eight and a half, when he was sent by his parents to a piano teacher. Šesták or Sestak is a Czech and Slavic surname. Home. In 2012 he told Birgitta Larsson of "Jefferson Blues Magazine": Luca Sestak wurde als Kind an das Klavierspiel herangeführt, zeigte jedoch wenig Interesse, weshalb er im Alter von neun Jahren auf Initiative der Eltern zu einer Klavierlehrerin geschickt wurde.. Nach weiteren zwei Jahren klassischem Klavierunterricht entdeckte Sestak im Internet – vorwiegend auf YouTube – die Jazz- und Bluesmusik, sowie den Boogie-Woogie. Discover the new boogie woogie sensation from Germany. Luca Sestak has uploaded videos to YouTube since he was 11 years old.

luca sestak biography

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