Third: Chill the sandwiches for at least an hour. Try our Strawberry Sandos – Japanese-style sweet sandwiches with strawberries and […]. Check out the picture below! First, as we noted in the recipe above, you may substitute sweetened whipped topping for the homemade whipped cream. Sandos? A miniature version of the popular Japanese sandos, little sandwiches with sweetened whipped cream and perfectly sliced fruit. Both Japanese and American! This decadent sandwich is so … Any less than that and the cream won’t firm up enough and you’ll have a liquid-y mess on your hands. (For a more delicate finger sandwich, trim the crusts off with a sharp knife.) You may use as many or as few strawberries as you prefer. You might only get one piece of fruit in each slice, but you’re more likely to get a perfect slice. Serve immediately. Clean the knife between each slice so that the slice comes out clean. Last, if you don’t have access to Japanese milk bread, you may substitute another sweet bread like Hawaiian bread or buns. It’s basically just sweetened whipped cream and fruit. But for this recipe you may use other fruits, such as kiwi, mandarin oranges, pineapple, blueberries, bananas or others of your favorite fruits as well. All it takes is a few slices of […], […] Want a fun strawberry-centric snack? Press between two plates and refrigerate for at least one hour. Put a heaping Tbsp of whipped cream on each slice of bread. Place the four remaining slices on top of each sandwich. Carefully set a hulled strawberry in the center of each slice of bread (lying down in a north-south direction). Another option is to use pound cake. *Click here for Japanese milk bread (shokupan) stockists in Melbourne and Sydney Simply put, it’s a sandwich filled with fresh fruits and whipped cream between two slices of Japanese milk bread known as shokupan.While the bread is fluffy, pillowy and all, it is the filling that steals the show. Top with more cream and place the second slice of bread, cream side down, over the strawberries. Spread another layer of cream over each strawberry, covering the strawberry and filling to the edges as neatly as possible. Remove the sandwiches from the refrigerator, unwrap, and carefully slice in half in the north-south direction (so your strawberry is perfectly bisected). The bread used for this sandwich in Japan is extremely melt-in-your-mouth soft. Carefully set a hulled strawberry in the center of each slice of bread (lying down in a north-south direction). But when we saw this mini-loaf of Japanese milk bread in our local Japanese grocery store, we thought this might be fun to work with. The amazing texture and juiciness of Shochikudo’s fruit mochi. Last time I was in Tochigi Japan I took this picture on my phone in a 7-11. A sandwich made of fruit, with a Japanese accent. Japanese strawberry sandwich or strawberry sandos or fruit sandos (as it is called there) is one of the most popular and loved breakfast foods there. Enjoy sharing this international dessert sandwich recipe with your family and friends! (Plus, we have another excuse to use our favorite strawberries!). Draw lines with a marker on the plastic wrapping to remind yourself which direction you want to slice it. 5. Second, we also experimented with a popular vegan whipped topping product. Wrap each sandwich tightly in plastic wrap. And yes – for those of us who aren’t perfect artists in the kitchen, these little slices are much easier to manage. Unwrap the sandwiches. Most commonly, strawberries are the main ingredient in these sandwiches. Prepare to use about two to three cups of whipped topping. These sandwiches are especially popular in the prefecture of Tochigi, since that is where most of their strawberries are grown in Japan. In fact, as soon as the strawberry season starts, you can spot this simple meal being sold everywhere - from departmental stores to roadside eateries to plush restaurants. Sadly, that one didn’t work as well. They’re so easy to make! Using an electric mixer on medium-high speed, beat cream, sugar, and salt in a medium bowl until … The "ichigo" strawberry cream sandwich may not be a traditional Japanese sandwich, but it is a sandwich traditionally found all over Japan! (Technically, it’s called “furutsu sando,” but I like “fruit sando,” as a third-gen Japanese American. Note: You can also substitute a sweetened whipped topping for the homemade whipped cream. Tochigi strawberries are extremely plump, sweet and delicious! Add strawberry halves on top of the whipped cream and close the sandwich. *Tip: Be sure to use fresh white bread so that it's extremely soft. You can find them at little shops and convenience stores all over Japan and in many Asian neighborhoods in the U.S. What’s in a fruit sando? All rights reserved. If you go that route, it’s truly a dessert. Beat the whipping cream and the sugar until stiff peaks form. Fourth: It helps if you draw lines on the plastic wrapping with a marker to remind yourself which way to slice the bread. You might be more familiar with a sando with katsu sandos (breaded pork cutlets), known for their neat and even cuts displaying a perfect cross-section. OK – some notes. But fruit sandos are extremely popular in their own right. But a delicious one. What makes them distinctive is the sweet milk bread (shokupan), and the pretty designs that the fruit creates once the sandwich is sliced. Strawberry sandos (mini sandwiches) made from strawberries, sweetened whipped cream, and sweet Japanese milk bread (shokupan), dessert, Japanese, sandos, sandwiches, shokupan, snack, strawberries, strawberry, […] up – the most recent addition – is these Strawberry Sandos (Japanese Milk Bread Sandwiches). From our experience, if you want to use a vegan whipped topping, you should prepare to have slightly frozen sandwiches. Brighten your day with this Strawberry Sando (Japanese Fruit Sandwich), made with fluffy milk bread packed with sweet whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Copyright © 2012 Place the four remaining slices on top of each sandwich. From Hankyu Osaka Umeda Station, … ). Whichever fruit you decide to use, this is one of the simplest sandwiches you'll ever make! Prepare to use between two and three cups. Most sandos use large square slices of bread cut into perfect little triangles. They can be found in any convenience or grocery store, as well as bakeries across the country. … Wrap each sandwich tightly in plastic wrap. © 2020 Jolly Tomato. As soon as we let the frozen product defrost (to become spreadable) it got too melt-y. Spread another layer of cream over each strawberry, covering the strawberry and filling to the edges as neatly as possible. WordPress support by NerdPress | Privacy Policy, Appetizer, Breakfast or Snack, Dessert, Snack, Snack or Dessert, Japanese milk bread, sando, sandos, shokupan, strawberries, strawberry, whipped cream, Favorite Summer Strawberry Recipes - Jolly Tomato, A Day on A California Strawberry Farm - Jolly Tomato, Smashed Potatoes with Sage-Garlic Olive Oil, Cranberry Applesauce – A Colorful Thanksgiving Recipe, Enter the #ILoveSanMarzanoDOP Tomato Recipe Contest, Applesauce Spice Cupcakes – An Old-Fashioned Treat, Pasta Puttanesca and San Marzano DOP Tomatoes, Healthy Spaetzle Recipe with Purple Cabbage and Kale. Visit Jeanne Fratello's profile on Pinterest. Or, if you're using whipped cream from a pressurized container, spray enough cream to cover the inside of both slices of bread.

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