Gance’s film and its lead were as ambitious as each other, and much of Napoléon’s legacy in the film was the mythos around its existence. The 100 Greatest Characters of the Decade. Sure, women show up. The 25 Most Badass Movie Characters In Film History. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. Try the free app. All rights reserved. Because who wouldn't love to add another layer of psychological drama onto the already iconic and scary character of Norman Bates? 6,286 Sure, Ethan's worked with women over the years, but a female team leader? It is cut into many different lengths and forms (not everyone has five and a half hours handy), and it was not able to be seen at all for the longest time. He is taken in for questioning for no reason, only for the other characters to learn he is an authoritative figure that is there to help solve the case they are working on. John Laughlin in Footloose. He is precise with his techniques, and he is serious about his job. 26,558 So what if a woman had been cast as Luke Skywalker? Roland Kickinger in Terminator Salvation. Can you even imagine how cool it would have been to see a female Terminator way back in the 1980s? imagining iconic male movie characters as women. They can be part of the team or they play love interests, but rarely has there been room in some of the most iconic films to date for meaningful female characters to come through. 9,404. Jesse James (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, 2007) 98. Sign me up. Captain Kirk is undoubtedly iconic, but there's no reason that the reverence, strong leadership skills, and powerful presence cannot be transposed to a female Kirk. Just because James Bond is a man in the original novels and in the films from the '60s and '70s doesn't mean the casting team couldn't hav made some bolder choices. It is not common to find such an everyday man in a film get this kind of an opportunity (or the spotlight, of course), and every instance since this film likely does not measure up to the volumes Terry speaks for all of us. So why wasn't Rick? Amazing, right? It would have been a serious game-changer. In the second “Godfather” film, after Michael has achieved status as the ultimate mob boss, his life and power are in danger, and he is relentless in hanging on to what he now has. The Terminator is technically a genderless killing machine, so instead … Played by a seemingly possessed Robert De Niro, Bickle is a veteran who suffers from delusions and insomnia. Image via Miramax. Dec 06, 2017. The prowess of the character and film have turned Napoléon into as definitive of a cinematic figure as the historical one he already was. Terry Malloy – On the Waterfront. They are famous movie characters that have inspired fan fiction and fan art; iconic movie characters who have inspired fashion and pop culture; popular movie characters that kids and adults alike aspire to be like. When he gains pounds of muscle and starts practicing his assassination attempts in front of a mirror, he becomes terrifying. He is strong willed enough to take on the high amounts of racism thrown towards him throughout the film; his one crack (“They call me Mister Tibbs”) became the most defining line of the motion picture. He becomes all too familiar with the city, and at first he just sounds cynical, as he talks about the scum of the city. We all may have our favourites when it comes to iconic movies, their characters, and more specifically, the actors who gave the character a real face. Share This Story. Albert Dieudonné’s portrayal as the adult Napoléon Bonaparte showcases his turning points very clearly, as to create an understanding as to how he became the iron casted figure we know him for. While he sometimes has good intentions, he also leads us to harrowing situations. If the Brad Pitt version of Tyler Durden isn't technically real, then who says the character has to be a guy? Yes, Rocky is super iconic. All throughout film history, men have gotten the chance to lead action movies, dramas, comedies, horror films, superhero flicks... the list goes on and on. Nonetheless, the criteria will remain the same. 2. 100. Are there any rules that Luke had to be male? Vote for your favorites. 1. Woody It's one thing for Max Mad: Fury Road to give us some amazing female characters, but this series could have done it a long time ago by making Max a woman. Mickey Mouse. 16,120. So when it comes to envisioning some alternate film history, like imagining iconic male movie characters as women, it can not only change our perception of the film in question, but it also opens up the floor for the argument that there've been plenty of ladies over the years that could've taken the leads in some of your favorite movies. In short, Francis Ford Coppola’s and Al Pacino’s take on the youngest Corleone son is almost indisputably the all-time greatest example character development. Marlon Brando’s performance has been lauded as one of the all … It almost feels unfair to compare it to anyone else, despite the many other terrific examples. 26,906. Hollywood is a dreamland that never fails to lure people with its glitz and glamor. A female John McClane would have been a true surprise to the dastardly Hans Gruber. All rights reserved. Here are 10 of the greatest male characters of all time.

iconic male movie characters

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