Communication model helps us to know about various aspects of communication.And therefore the importance of communication model can be described as follows: 1. The lack of feedback from the receiver is one major drawback of this model. Every organization, no matter what their expertise and where they are situated, and what scale they operate, realize and value the importance of good communication. Following is a simple illustration of this model. This is either face-to-face or over the phone/video conferencing, etc. Where is it located and why do we need it? A model is a thing used to follow or imitate. The diagram above clearly illustrates how communication takes place, and also helps one to determine what could go wrong. While the model may seem obvious and something most of us do naturally, breaking communication down into its constituent steps and forcing yourself to think about each step can help you improve the effectiveness of each communication you originate. The accurate time and intensity of weather phenomena are transmitted or communicated through the medium of one way communication. According to this model, for the message to be properly encoded and decoded, the communication skills of both the source and the receiver should be at best. You need to keep in mind that these complexities that accompany the communication models may only make understanding the communication much harder. Determination of Effectiveness of Communication: In communication process, three things i.e. This model is popularly known as the Shannon and Weaver Model of Communication. This model is the simplest models to understand the workings of the communication process. It is based on the basic premises of ‘exchange’ or ‘give and take’. These too could send various signals to the other party and is an equally important method of communication. One-way communication is mostly used to transmit current information like weather information, information about looming calamites, programs and public observations at press conferences and through radio and TV broadcasting. Communication models are systematic representations of the process which helps in understanding how communication works can be done. Communication Models What is a Model. Models represent new ideas and thought on various aspects of communication which helps us to plan for effective communication system. That does not mean it is not there though. The good news is that improvement isn't a complex process. This model is considered to be the golden rule to excel in public speaking, seminars, lectures where the sender makes his point clear by designing an impressive content, passing on the message to the second part and they simply respond accordingly. The receiver is the instrument or the person on the other side that receives the. Each person in the process reacts depending upon factors such as their background, experience, attitudes, cultural beliefs and self-esteem. Aristotle was the first to take an initiative and design the communication model. The communication process occurs between humans or machines in both verbal and non-verbal ways. A third type of communication, also commonly used but often underestimated is non-verbal communication, which is by using gestures or even simply body movements that are made. Communication model helps us to know about various aspects of communication.And therefore the importance of communication model can be described as follows: 1. Hence, the transactional model of communication refers to the exchange of messages or information between the sender and the receiver where each take turns to send or receive messages. Communication today is mainly of three types. Instead of information being sent one way, from the sender to the receiver, both participants send information back and forth. Models of communication provide inputs for setting a standard communication system and ensuring effective communication in a business organization. The following diagram illustrates the model proposed by Schramm. Communication models are not complex enough to truly capture all that takes place in a communication encounter, but they can help us examine the various steps in the process in order to better understand our communication and the communication of others. In this type of communication, information is only transmitted from one point to another or to many points at a single point of time. Figure 2.2.1 The linear model of communication. This is one of the major models of communication −. The sender and receiver act as both encoder and decoder and the sources of the message. It is best that both parties, the source (sender) and the receiver, are clear about what they would like to discuss. The bad news is that improving your communication skills isn't something you can do overnight. The process of communication, if kept simple and to the point, should not usually have too many issues, and the message will be easily understood by both parties. ‘Transactional’ simply means the exchange or interaction between people. Although the transmission model may seem simple or even underdeveloped to us today, the creation of this model allowed scholars to examine the communication process in new ways, which eventually led to more complex models and theories of communication.

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