The interior management and catering was the most enjoyable module for me as it is most relevant to my job as Chief Stew. Located in Jacksonville, FL, Bluewater Maritime School provides quality maritime training to both entry level and experienced merchant mariners. Due to our rigorous academic standards our qualifications … I am sure I will be a better agent from now on. It was a leap upon my knowledge for the yachting industry and now I am trying to figure how to move forward in the most effective way with all these amazing ideas and knowledge were given to me. Eventually I came across this one a couple of years later and wished I could have done it earlier, as it is a very good insight into all the areas of operation. It is very well written and useful for me in the future as a reference book. Quite often the interior crew don’t get the exposure to these important issues, as they have enough of their own stuff to deal with when it comes to keeping the owner/guests happy, so this course would give you a good basic knowledge of lots of different areas upon which you can build. It was worth it! I enjoyed the course, learned a lot of new things and I am happy that I passed the exam. Modules were prepared and arranged in a simple and comprehensive way. I found the split between distance learning and a final exam gave the course a credibility lacking in some others. Several years of industry experience with world renowned companies gives me the insight to realise the course is brilliantly crafted, simple to the point, while contains all relevant information and elements required to distinguish a project of success or failure i.e. The course has prepared me for many situations I am likely to come across in the not too distant future on my yacht. I enjoyed nearly all the modules and it has prepared me for much of the admin and issues I deal with now. Although the three hour exam is open book, it should not be mistaken as a gift and certainly tested the understanding of the previously completed modules. After working on mega yachts for 13 years and to find myself stuck in a rut, to only find so many options and directions to choose from without leaving my passion for boats and sea completely behind. Some modules, especially, the engineering one were a bit over my head but that is to be expected! Study can be completed wherever and whenever is convenient. This course has given me a more general understanding of the entire industry. The course was amazing and I would recommend to everyone who is interested in shipbuilding and repair, whether person is not familiar or a professional currently in the industry but wanting to improve their career path. I really enjoyed learning more about the industry in which I work and this course will help me progress in my career in yachting. Our STCW Certification meets the requirements for cruise ship crew, yacht crew and the merchant STCW Maritime Safety & Security Training for Professional Mariner and Cruise Lines in Orlando, Florida Maritime Safety Academy is a leading provider of maritime training, specializing in STCW courses and basic safety training for those seeking a career in the maritime industry. FMTA trains you for your dream of becoming a Commercial Fisherman, Coast Guard Officer or Professional Sailor. I’m just pleased to have found this school. It was pleasure to study in the Academy and to get more deeper knowledge of the industry. You will quality to work on a superyacht. I enjoyed all the modules and liked the course very much. A great learning tool to reiterate what I already knew and opened opportunities to what I can do in the industry. The support team have been extremely helpful. I’m very proud to be associated with the MTA, and to display the MTA logo and qualification with my name. The course provided me with a wealth of well written, concise and perfectly structured modules covering every aspect of being a marine surveyor. My understanding of the role of the Pilot has been further improved after doing this course. Very satisfied with the course content. Personally it’s helped me get a better grip and understanding of the whole running of a superyacht, there are 12 modules on different subjects – some of which you’ll be a pro at and fly through (i.e. I cannot wait to take the time to complete my plan taking my career to the next step! The training is undoubtedly valuable and glorious and gave me more self-confidence for carrying out my duties. A little knowledge can be a powerful thing. I’m glad to pass the exam and to have such important Diploma! Jacksonville Headquarters 1510 Penman Road Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 (904) 683-1985. Anyone who goes beyond this point and takes it seriously will realize the course is very engaging and entertaining. This course has been very interesting. I learned a lot about shipbuilding and ship repair even though I have docked more than eighty vessels. Florida Maritime Training Academy FMTA - USCG Approved Marine Programs Maritime Training Programs for Employment in the Commercial Boating Industry in Ft. Pierce FL Located at the Historic Port area of Fort Pierce Florida, Florida Maritime Training Academy (FMTA) is a maritime training facility and offers practical training for all seafarers. It was really just what I wanted! This course gives an excellent overview of the industry, some additional research might be necessary to complete the assignments. Located at the Historic Port area of Fort Pierce Florida, Florida Maritime Training Academy (FMTA) is a maritime training facility and offers practical training for all seafarers. All in all very helpful! The flexibility of the course and knowledge gained is priceless. Seven Seas Preparatory Academy will get you ready for a career at sea. I have spent 9 years serving superyachts in India this course has made me understand certain aspects of which I was not conscious of. Flexibility allows you to work at your own pace with no disruption to existing commitments or loss of earnings. I am very satisfied with the course; it satisfied my expectations and will surely contribute a lot to my professional growth. I would recommend this course whole-heartedly to anyone seeking to enhance their effectiveness and credibility in the industry, or equally to anyone just interested in learning more about this fast developing industry. Our Courses Our portfolio of distance learning Diploma, Certificate, and Short Courses are managed and run by established professionals within the marine industry, we are constantly pushing back the boundaries of knowledge. As I am planning to get involved in some shore based yachting business, this course helped me in a way that it gave me an insight into subjects which are less covered in offshore maritime training. The modules were well prepared and cover all the major areas of study. Welcome to Resolve Marine’s Maritime Academy Resolve’s Maritime Academy, the educational arm of Resolve Marine, specializes in Fire, Safety, and Resource Training ensuring our students/your teams are beyond prepared. I have found this Diploma in Shipbuilding and Ship Repair to have been very informative, professionally presented and of a high quality. All the material is very educational. IF YOUR LOOKING FOR THE BEST MARITIME TRAINING CENTER IN FLORIDA, LOOK NO FURTHER. As I was lucky enough to work my way up to purser, I enquired a few years ago about a course that would assist me in learning the general management and operational side of yachting. As a serving Master Mariner, employed by a large yacht management company since 2004 as an ISM / ISPS Co-ordinator, I embarked upon the Diploma in Superyacht Operations to gain a more in depth understanding of the large yacht industry. I would certainly recommend the MTA to everyone in my line of work. I gained valuable knowledge within months. Achieving an MTA Diploma makes you stand out from the crowd and builds on your own personal knowledge. Its aim of supplementing the professional qualification of officers aspiring to command was met and exceeded. OUR COURSES ARE DESIGNED TO ENRICH THE STUDENT LEARNING EXPERIENCE. The course is an excellent guideline in developing a marine surveying career. From entry level ordinary seaman to the most experienced unlimited Masters and Chief Engineers, FMTA trains seafarers in a range of programs, courses and USCG examination assistance. I think the accounts module is great for those seeking to move into a more pursers role, and the modules on project management address issues important for ALL senior crew (not just the captain and engineer) in yard periods and refits. Even as a holder of a Master Mariner’s diploma I found the training really useful and informative. “As Real as It Gets” is more than live-action shipboard/land-based training. I definitely think the course helped and it really prepares you for being a purser as it provides a good grounding in many of the areas that as a stewardess you don't experience i.e: ISM. Students may find it difficult to commit to time off, or travel to a suitable course may be prohibitive. Courses offered in Jacksonville and Tampa, Florida. Maritime Professional Training's (MPT) main campus will reopen on Monday, May 18, 2020. THROUGH OUR VAST KNOWLEDGE OF THE MOST RECENT TEACHING … I have docked more than 500 vessels as a Dock Master and learned a lot more about ship repair through the course.

florida maritime training academy

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