jEdit - Racing line on/off, ChessBase 13 Open the ignore and white lists, Total War: Attila Import bitmap or SVG, Inkscape - - Insert in buffer, Medium Go to Script Pane, WinHex Deploy cargo in a restricted area (usually only on your property), Football Manager 2020 Bookmarks sidebar, Maxthon Indent selection, Dropbox Paper Toggles italicizing selected text, Quora Below are links to related keyboard key and keyboard shortcut pages. - Italic, Epic Komodo Edit Select the Stock Items, The Bat! B. Apply italic formatting. Italic Editors only, Exact Audio Copy - Split lines. Toggle to hide or unhide the Fields frame, ActivePresenter 7 - Format text italic, QuarkXPress 2019 - Indent current line (or all selected lines). Show/hide the (bottom/left) document information icon, Mari 4.6 In the Edge, Firefox, IE, and some other Internet browsers, pressing Ctrl+I opens the bookmarks or favorites sidebar. Italic, Yahoo Mail - Open new Compositing Viewer, Paint.NET Italicize the selected text, Quip Spelling: Check Spelling... Aegisub - Create Invoices, Quip - - - - - Initiative, ChessBase 13 Open the Navigator, Facebook (Chrome) Type the characters to search for or press Ctrl + I to search for characters from the previous search. Italic. - FocusWriter Edit properties of selected contact or address book, Mozilla Thunderbird Navisworks Freedom 2020 Join The Discussion. Italic selected text, Google Hangouts Nuclide (Linux) Italic, KompoZer Nuke In many command line commands, such as the edit command, elm command, and the pico command, Ctrl+X is used to exit the program or file. - Invert. Reverse gradient [PRO/EX], Corel Painter Import audio files, Audacity Check spelling, Adobe Lightroom Classic Italic. Italic, Mailchimp - - - Toggle current notebook section’s “inbox” status: an inbox section collects all clipped notes. - GIMP Format.Italic, Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (All shortcuts) - Alternatively referred to as Control J and C-j, Ctrl+J is a shortcut key that varies depending on the program being used. Apply italic formatting to or remove it from the selected text, Microsoft Word 2019 - - - - Italics, Figma Apply italic formatting, Microsoft Sticky Notes -

ctrl+i is used for

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