Beautiful. with Donna Matthews and Sue Niezgoda as our shuttle. East side of Clear Lake was very technical. 28mi 3h 53m, I recorded 981' of elevation gain, more climbing than I expected. ran out of water! 2,687' Down Water – Bring lots of water – this is a big trail. The whole ride is in old growth forest and the water is crystal blue. Incredible trail. 3h 30m, Great trail. An Adventure Projects staff member will review this and take an appropriate action, but we generally don't reply. Don’t forget a patch kit and pump. Shuttles are by our Website Sponsor – McKenzie River Mountain Resort. The last 15 miles or so fun 2837.05 m Down. 25.1mi — Bring food, it does take time to complete! Stop and wonder how the Tamolitch Blue Pool could be such a vibrant topaz blue. — 25mi, Took west side of Clear Lake. — • • Fun ride. Shuttles:  Shuttles are available daily. — We booked our shuttle with horse creek and we're happy to cool down on the pump track, First-timer; highly technical first section, but could be skipped and then flows for ~15 miles, albeit too many bridges slow you down! Watch out for ground nest of yellow jackets at koosah falls overview! • Something else? Follow highway 20 for just over 77.2 km, staying left at the fork just past Hoodoo Ski Area. Please explain. Not to turn anyone off, but expect an exc... The Basics: A quality bike and a bike helmet are your basics. 27.4mi 26.4mi 5h 50m, Not the downhill run that it looks like. 3h 00m, 26mi Single Track Trail:  Ride down the trail from you starting point. Spam? 3,154' Down Looking for an amazing Mountain Biking adventure? 1247.9 m Down, 31.1 mi 327.43 m Down, 13.8 mi From Bend head north along the 97 for around 4.8 km. Pretty damn phenomenal. — Uneven terrain with small rocks or roots. Didn't ride thru the lava bed around clear lake, next time for sure. Lower full of hikers You can also self shuttle. 961.43 m Down, 15.6 mi 23mi West side of clear lake. A visually stunning Trail with Plenty of Technical to make you feel like you’ve earned it. The McKenzie River Trail is the most beautiful Trail I’ve ever ridden.”. — for more information on area activities, food and lodging. super fun and flowy singletrack too. 29mi Only rode the bottom 5 miles in and back. At Carmen Reservoir we took the highway down to trail bridge and got back on the MRT. This is single track and on a busy day it will be hard to go uphill without getting off your bike repeatedly. Over pretty good, Rainy and muddy but still gorgeous! 169.0 km by Andy Matthews 18mi, 200meters of snow (easily walkable) & ~4 puddles all within 2miles of Clear Lake. • and 2 others. Hydrate responsibly and avoid the trunk, Very unridable trail...better off suited for hikers. — — It is a long, mostly downhill and a a super fun spin. 327.55 m Up This is about an injury or accident 5h 19m. — 5h 00m, Endless single tracks! — 50.0 km You're one click away! 22.2 km — 1h 45m, lots of mechanicals and sheared sidewalls-lava. Amazing trail If no one is booked, the shuttle doesn’t run. 28.3mi, Just awesome We took many stops for photos. 3,152' Up 1,075' Up • Seats are limited. You can refill water at a few of the campgrounds along the way, yet the water sources are off trail and may be tough to find. Pretty much all flow. A couple of intermediate riders were in over our heads. 3h 30m, There was a fire near Blue Pool which forced about 6 miles of road, starting just after the falls and down to the hydro plant. We took the other side of the lake and everyone who didn't was frustrated Land Manager: USFS - Willamette National Forest Office, 4.2 mi 484.76 m Up Clear Lake – McKenzie River Trail . Ride through dramatic lava fields, along side a crystal river and lakes so clean you can see over 100 feet to the bottom! 72.2 km Great trails, well marked. 20 miles of the trail is super easy, the other 5 is techy and difficult Body Armor: Most riders do not wear body armor on this ride, however the lava in a couple spots can be tough and unforgiving if you tangle with it. 3h 50m, Started at the Tamolic Falls trailhead. — 482.88 m Down, 44.8 mi Lush 300 year old growth forest will enchant you. Of course, it wouldn't be the perfect trail without the sharp volcanic rock technical sections. 3h 33m, Took it slow'n'easy. A few technical sections we had to walk the bike, but well worth it.One five mile section had a ton of hikers. Good flow, scenic, fun, and just keeps going and going. 9,314' Up Shuttles are scheduled daily, a reservation is required. 14mi — McKenzie River Trail – Tamolitch Blue Pool. Top section was the best part, definitely Advanced. 28mi 784.54 m Up 1,590' Up Mountain Biking Mckenzie River Trail Add a review #1 of 301 mountain bike trails in Oregon #46 in the world. The first 10 miles go thru a lava field making it the toughest part. Follow the river a it abruptly stops and disappears into a lava flow and mysteriously starts again some distance later – seemingly out of nowhere. • Beyond there is a picnic area with water and smoother riding and easier. 27.2mi, Conditions are great, little wet in spots, and lots of tacky dirt & massive trees! Friends biking the McKenzie River Trail . worth every stroke! 4,342' Up 1h 55m, This trail is definitely a black diamond trail. — 12h 00m, First time enjoying this classic Oregon mt. 16.2mi — 25.3mi — Road a few extra miles through a campground. Technical terrain with no alternate lines. You’ll want to stay hydrated. 4,094' Down — 104F. Then turn onto US 20 towards Sisters and Salem. EPIC ride through old growth rain forest along McKenzie River. 2838.84 m Up Taking other people's content (text, photos, etc) without permission is a copyright violation and 25.4mi, Lava fields, waterfalls, and amazing scenery! Traverse handmade log bridges over the multiple streams and rivers that merge to make up the majestic McKenzie River. — — 25.6mi, forgot keys for spotted car and had to ride back to start and do - over.

mckenzie river trail biking

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