A social media user felt the wrath of Wendy's after questioning the company's famous slogan: "Fresh, never frozen." 6 Answers. 3 years ago. Like you're really a joke. Answer Save. Ya'll know we laugh at your slogan, 'fresh, never frozen' right? Where’s the beef? Relevance. Favorite Answer. By now, we've all seen the claim on commercials, billboards, and various internet ads, but some people still don't believe it. A close friend of mine thinks that there should be a comma after frozen. ... we don’t need to be frozen,” quipped one of the Wendy’s executives. Hecker said the logistics of serving 5 million hamburger patties every day that are fresh and never frozen across their restaurant locations is an enormous undertaking. On Dec. 30, Wendy's posted a tweet showing one of its burgers with the innocuous statement, "Our beef is way too cool to ever be frozen." While I can only speak to what I saw at my Wendy's location while I was working there, INSIDER has also reached out to Wendy's for comment. No. Anonymous. — Thuggy-D (@NHride) January 2, 2017 …. The slogan will get its biggest splash yet on Sunday in the first half of the Super Bowl. @Wendys your beef is frozen and we all know it. A Twitter user known only as Thuggy-D (@NHride), took umbrage with that message a couple days later. — Wendy's (@Wendys) November 9, 2016 But a Twitter user named Thuggy-D (@NHride) taunted them, "your beef is frozen and we all know it. If you haven’t noticed, Wendy’s burgers are shaped in a square instead of the standard round circle. A social media user felt the wrath of Wendy's after questioning the company's famous slogan: "Fresh, never frozen." The slogan is … ItÍs why Dave used fresh beef and produce at the first WendyÍs restaurant, and itÍs why we still serve fresh ingredients today in our more than 6,500 restaurants. Based on Wendy’s specifications back in the 90s for supplying meat for their restaurants (I was doing installations of massive industrial food processing equipment and learned what the end product was supposed to be.) Wendy's slogan, "Fresh, never frozen" has been around for a while. “Y’all know we laugh at your slogan ‘fresh, never frozen’ right? Y'all know we laugh at your slogan "fresh, never frozen" right? Quality is our Recipe...ItÍs the philosophy our founder Dave Thomas lived by...and itÍs the philosophy on which WendyÍs is built. The ad campaign also depicts the use of fresh meat instead of the frozen alternative their competitors use, sustainable competitive advantage for Wendy’s. It could have a comma there, but not necessarily. This has been one of the most famous catchphrases and had among the most memorable commercials, featuring a big bun with a huge square beef patty sticking out, in 1984. The meat is actually fresh, never frozen. The story starts with their “fresh, never frozen” slogan, because Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas wanted to ensure everyone saw the quality of meat sticking out of the bun. Is the Wendy s slogan "Fresh, never frozen beef" grammatically correct or should there be a comma after frozen?

wendy's slogan fresh, never frozen

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