}, Posted by For those of you who don't know me, I build large Dobsonian telescopes as a hobby. if(sWOTrackPage)sWOTrackPage(); I call Webster Telescopes every now and then to ask for a scope to review. Dave Bonandrini Webster Telescopes C-32: A review of the structure, optics, and functionality of my Webster Telescopes 32" F/3.6 truss style dobsonian.   display: none !important; I had heard that they were starting to produce a few extra scopes in each size so that they have a few scopes in stock. While other manufactures were removing the large telescopes from their product lines, we were adding even larger ones to ours. All rights reserved. Confident about the quality of the scope/optics, I took the leap of faith and placed the … 08/08/2009 12:00AM. I consider myself a more than competent woodworker. joe wambo But, just making the largest telescopes is not enough of a goal for us. My definition of large is 24" and up. }, Posted by © 2020 Astromart.com. Every scope we have is custom ordered and already sold”. The big Dobsonians are our forte. Webster Telescopes has always had one goal in mind, BIG, PORTABLE DOBSONIAN TELESCOPES! © 2020 Astromart.com. All rights reserved.   I have owned or used almost every brand of Dob in the world, and then some. I teach telescope building classes that emphasize the reasoning behind doing something a certain way, rather than just following a set of plans. 04/08/2011 10:19PM. The largest telescope I have built is a 36". They always say “We don’t have any to lend out. if(sWOTrackPage)sWOTrackPage(); A very large part of me deciding to order from Webster was due to the review of a Webster C-28 F/4 telescope on Astromart that was written by Dave Bonandrini in mid 2006. #wo_online_image, #wo_offline_image { display: none !important; #wo_online_image, #wo_offline_image { The hinged shelter I built for my 20 inch is the best solution I know of for storing a large Dobsonian telescope in the backyard, while not restraining it from traveling, whether across the yard (to get clear of trees or buildings) or into the car with ramps for longer trips. I am an AstroMart Moderator, and I currently use a 30" f/5.3 Dobsonian telescope that I designed and built myself.

webster telescopes review

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