For full-sized models, liquid propane comes in 20-pound tanks that hook up to the barbecue with a hose and regulator. You do not need to turn it on with a knob. These are all traditional burner units perfect if you mostly cook hotdogs and hamburgers. With gas grills, you have the option to use two different fuel types, liquid propane (LP) or natural gas (NG). The Slow 'N' Sear turns your grill into a first class smoker and also creates an extremely hot sear zone you can use to create steakhouse steaks. Infrared Vs. The Good-One Is A Superb Grill And A Superb Smoker All In One. Consider the Weber Genesis Special Edition SE-330, a three-burner beast with a sear station and side burner. Infrared is a hotter, more direct heat than a traditional gas burner. Difference Between A Sear Station And An Infrared Burner. Granted not as hot as an IR burner does but the Napoleons IR burner is a dedicated sear staion, which to me takes up some real estate on the grill that you cannot use for anything else. Weber Summit BBQ Grill E-470 . Click here for our article on this breakthrough tool. It’s got all the best Weber features, including stainless steel Flavorizer bars and an Electronic Crossover ignition system. Traditional Burners. Gas diffuses the heat, whereas infrared direct it. However, the Hestan is three 23,000 BTU burners versus six 10,000 BTU burners for the Weber plus the sear station. Hestan will be able to cook faster because of the hotter individual burner. This gem from the premium Genesis line of Weber grills provides a primary cooking area of 513 square inches with a 156 square inches warming rack. Napoleon Prestige 500 ; Gas Wars – Liquid Propane vs. Natural Gas. Some grills include an infrared sear station mounted on the side shelf, giving you the searing capability of an infrared burner without taking up any grilling space inside your grill. They also offer a "sear station," which is an additional burner element that provides a heat boost. Weber also includes a handle light for night time convenience. The unit packs a lot of firepower with the three burners putting out a total of 39,000 BTU of heat along with a 12,000 BTU side burners and a 9,000 BTU sear station. Myth #2: Intensely High Heat Is Needed To Sear Steak. The sear station on a 670 is right in the middle....they tuck an extra burner in between the 2 most centered burner so it concentrates the heat into a smaller area....and let me tell you it gets HOT. Sear Station Side Burner. The Napoleon Grill LEX 485 with Infrared Side & Rear Burners Natural Gas Grill is an extremely well built versatile grill with enough cooking surface for entertaining many people in style. Letting your food rest allows those muscle fibers to relax again and the juices to run back into the meat, keeping it moist and delicious. For those looking for this functionality in their outdoor kitchen, be sure to check out out our built-in infrared searing stations. A less expensive option is the Weber Genesis and Summit Series grills. Weber Genesis E-310; Broil King Sovereign; Holland Grill Liberty; Luxury Models. As the name suggests, it works on natural gas or propane. Weber Summit Grill Sear Station . If you have a Weber Kettle, you need the Slow 'N' Sear. If you’re a Weber enthusiast, I know you’ve seen this rule before. As good gas grills go, this is a mid-price range option but still has everything you need from a gas grill. We wrote a post about this last week.

weber sear station vs infrared

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