The Concise Course in Brewing Technology will provide students with comprehensive knowledge of the brewing process, the dynamics of brewery operations, and issues affecting the industry. The WBA Concise Course in Brewing Technology covers a similar range of topics as those presented in our advanced-level programs, but at a depth which allows those with only moderate understanding of brewing science and technology to participate in the course. Siebel has truly helped me get to where I want to be in the brewing industry! 2016.all right reserved. With WBA program campuses in both Chicago, U.S.A. and Munich, Germany, students gain an unmatched vision of the entire international brewing industry, founded on over a century of brewing education tradition. Doesn't get much better than that for a brewer! ), which to me was incredibly valuable in seeing the workings of the industry. Reaction of Graduates Search titles only. This deeply-ingrained historic tradition ensures that the WBA teaching staff has a deep anchored theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as pedagogical skills. Prior knowledge of brewing process basics through either home brewing (1 year) OR having previously earned a Certificate of Attendance for the WBA Executive Overview of the Brewing Process (online) is required. Intensive web based trainings from your home (or wherever you are) These lessons are always accompanied by experienced brewmasters and teachers available during online sessions and also via email. Campus based courses taught in small groups. Search. Our international dual campus programs give students the opportunity to study both at Doemens Academy (Munich, Germany) and Siebel Institute of Technology (Chicago, U.S.A.) in order to provide students with a truly international education in brewing technology. The programs offered by the WBA give students the unique opportunity to experience different brewing cultures on two continents. Not only are Siebel Institute and Doemens Academy leading brewing educational institutions, but also lead in consulting for customers of all sizes and for various needs, whether for recipe development expertise, brewery auditing or internal training. WBA Concise Course in Brewing Technology - Siebel ... Online And to top it all off, at the end of the day, you had Munich as your playground. Get prepared in the WBA’s fast-track educational style, so you can be ready to kick-start your brewing career in as little as 6 weeks. In both institutes, trainers are constantly exposed to the developments and challenges faced in the global brewing and beverage industry. Brewing Software. Designed by Crazy-themes. The World Brewing Academy (WBA) is an alliance established by Doemens Academy (Munich, Germany) and the Siebel Institute of Technology (Chicago, USA.) in order to provide students with a truly international brewing education. The WBA offers both online and campus courses and programs, and allows students to study at what are considered two of the world’s most prestigious brewing schools. What's new Search. Designed by Crazy-themes. What Makes our Programs and Courses Unique? By: Search Advanced search … New posts. I chose to take an additional introductory class called the concise course in brewing technology. The World Brewing Academy (WBA) is an alliance established by Doemens Academy (Munich, Germany) and the Siebel Institute of Technology (Chicago, USA.) This is an ideal course for those considering entry into the brewing industry, as well as those pursuing wider knowledge of the business in order to improve their skills and advance in their brewing careers. 2016.all right reserved. Student performance for the latter is subject to review. Plus the contacts you'll make and the friends you will make will stay with you you're whole career! Not only were we designing recipes and covering all aspects of beer production -from ingredient procurement to packaging-, but on a regular basis it seemed like we were brushing shoulders and interacting with top players in the industry (Ziemann-Holvrieka, Barth Hass,Weyermann, etc.

wba concise course in brewing technology review

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