classes are small because the university wants its students to build relationships with professors, so do that. -Dedicated students who want a school with a smaller to medium-sized population but one that still feels like a large university due to its programs, athletics, and environment. Learn to love to learn. Another good point to mention is the diversity aspect; we come from all over the world...literally. It combines them all for your best possible scores. Make sure you explore all your options. The school is diverse and gives a small university feel in a big town environment. Explore your interests, figure out what you love and how to make a career out of it. the dorms are smaller for freshmen, but give you the opportunity to build a sense of community early on. The University of Miami is a great place to go to school because it provides a good degree, has something for everyone, and is located in beautiful Miami. There are always off campus parties to go to. The Cool thing about UM is the diversity of the school and the city of Miami. Students truly care about the sports teams too, so heading to a football or basketball game is a great way to meet new people and cheer on the Canes. The campus is beautiful, I definitely encourage you to visit. On the one hand, you have numerous academic facilities just waiting to answer any question you might have. Definitely apply early action if you know this is the school for you! The urban location is key, the beach and Miami beach are just minutes away. It's such an easy and fun way to make new friends while doing something you enjoy. The school really prepares students for the real world during and after college, and assists in as many ways as possible to help them transition. Even if you already know what major you intend to study, the opportunity to take classes outside that specific study is always available. If you are into that, then UM is the place to be! One or more fields have an error. We are represented by the one and only Sebastian Ibis who never fails to get the crowd hype. The professors here are truly one of a kind! If you enjoy studying hard, meeting influential people, enjoy Miami nightlife, making great networking skills for the future, then this is the University for you! The professors genuinely care for each student and are always willing to help with questions or concerns. I believe it's the perfect place for work and play. Also, the school is great for those looking to dip their feet into different cultures. BusinessWeek ranked Miami Business School at 31st in the list of “Best U.S. Undergraduate Business Programs” in 2016 and at 58th in the list of “Best Graduate Business Schools” in 2017. Everyone is really friendly and I got to know a couple of people even before I set foot on campus! There are many sporting events to attend to and tailgates are always so much fun! Join the facebook groups, they actually help. For paying about $54,000 a year, one would assume that they are getting a royal treatment. If you're the owner or representative of University of Miami Business School, you can claim this University and build a better profile. Excelia-Group is a very good school providing everything a student wants for his studies Education provided in Excelia is more than the classic classes we have teachers and guest speakers that are connected to the working world Also the school emphasises on the international experience we have to go abroad [...], It s a great experience for anyone who wants a change in their life Everyone is very welcoming and the course inductions are amazingly held They have experienced lecturers who are great at explaining and teaching the course and you don t feel left out as there are thousands of [...], A multinational school for future global leaders, I entered B H M S in November and I am not regretting my decision to go out of the comfort zone in order to become a global leader What is important to say about B H M S is that the staff is taking care of their students meeting [...], I truly believe this university knows the path that had to undertake to become a University and took it to teaching This organization is a very reliable University that truly understands what is like to be a student either from the same country or from elsewhere The courses are good [...], London, The United Kingdom; Glasgow, The United Kingdom, I did my PhD research study at the Institute of Education UCL I had a very nice supervisor who provided all the support to my research and was always there for my questions I was able to take all the courses I needed for the research The admin managers were [...], A fantasitc place to meet new people and to watch the University grow, This is an honest and down to earth University set in the scenic surroundings of Worcester and all that it has to offer It is not far from the town centre and surrounding parks and spaces to visit The people you meet in class and the professors that teach you [...], It's located in downtown miami I took two levels of English and my teacher was one of the best I learn more that year than in years studying in my, I like non-traditional way of teaching The idea is to solve problems of real existing companies and not only acquire knowledge from books Lot of experience through exposure to local, I loved the small class size, the personal connections, the flexibility, and living in Paris, I think ISM does a fantastic job at helping their students reach their goals for their education I have talked with both MBA and doctorate students and everyone has loved, Excellent School with A Number of International Opportunities, I have really enjoyed studying at ISG Business School The professors are knowledgeable and competent and I found the international environment of the school very enjoyable I was also able.

university of miami business school reviews

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