Students can virtually raise their hands and unmute to share their suggestions assisting the teacher during the “we do.” Finally, teachers can project their screens, set a virtual timer, and ask students to try to apply the strategy on their own. Teachers can challenge students to explain a process and surface their thinking in a quick FlipGrid or Seesaw video. Students can write a word, a sentence, or a poem that rhymes depending on their age. Teachers can model how to sound out a word, solve a problem, or construct a piece of writing. Use exercises for differentiated learning to ensure that all of your students succeed. I encourage teachers to keep the scavenger hunt items general enough to ensure that all students will be able to find an item that meets the requirement. A lack of face-to-face accountability makes it easier for an online student to give up without anyone noticing. Scavenger hunts can increase student engagement during virtual conferencing sessions and create an incentive for students to want to attend. The students in group A will unmute and discuss a question or talk through the problem. In addition, they loved starting each day with my morning message – 2-3 minutes long welcome to a new day, with my face and lots of visuals. Include a list of teacher-curated multimedia resources for students to explore. Dear Catlin, I really appreciate your amazing efforts and super duper work! Pulling storytime into a virtual conferencing session allows teachers to replicate a favorite class routine online. I teach prek . Is there a Secondary list also. Website Design by Laugh Eat Learn, The Ultimate Guide to Implementing an Independent Literary Genres Program, Mastery of the Common Core State Standards. I love your creative thinking of on-line or off-line strategies to engage students in learning. FREE Remote Learning Workshop – 6 Doable Lessons, Why I Believe in Positive Classroom Management. If teachers want students to identify new vocabulary words, they can create a Padlet Wall for new vocabulary that students can add to throughout a unit. Giving students this time to practice during a video conferencing sessions creates space for students to try a strategy while still having access to the teacher and peers if they get stuck or have questions. Check out my self-paced online course. Another popular activity was mystery guests in our synchronous class meetings. I’m a huge Flipgrid fan too! Online students must have the motivation and discipline to work in isolation. I’m so glad you have access to it! Your email address will not be published. Packing for the Park - Students group various objects using their physical characteristics. These sites have ready-to-use lesson plans and activities for a vast amount of subjects for younger students. ABCmouse… Thanks. While they engage with one another, group B will watch and observe. Watching each other’s videos encourages students to learn from one another online. Thank you! They are used to engage students in a variety of activities, from reading to math to art projects. After the time is up, teachers can pull the group back together and review answers or debrief. When I did it in my class, the guests were parents or other teachers who could contribute to what we were currently learning about. Do you have something similar for high schoolers. It is important that as teachers we impart upon our students essential skills for being an active citizen in their community. Your email address will not be published. Learning stations are a staple in most elementary classrooms. Need support getting started with blended learning or online learning? Scavenger hunts are great for young learners. Below are ten strategies I hope will help elementary teachers … Thanks a bunch. Ideas to Teach Writing a Paragraph. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing your 3rd-grade students’ feedback on online learning, Katarzyna! Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab - experiments sorted by category; Recycling Electronics - the complete guide Find resources to help you implement project-based learning, social and emotional learning, comprehensive assessment, teacher development, integrated studies, and technology integration. Our students are the best resources when it comes to learning about what works online . I still don’t feel that they will be capable to do any of these independently. Yes, I published the post below for secondary. While one group engages in a discussion or attempts to solve a problem, the second group observes. During the shutdown, I couldn’t reach some of my 30+ English language students. A few weeks ago, I published a blog titled “8 Ideas Designed to Engage Students In Active Learning Online.” I had several elementary teachers request that I work on a similar blog focused on younger learners. #10 Online Fishbowl Discussion or Problem Solving Session. Your email address will not be published. Teach students the writing process 1. The mystery component of the mystery guest built huge excitement among the students and the results were very positive. Students should learn basic strategies, such as POW (Pick ideas, Organize their notes, Write and say more), in 1st or 2nd grade. Hi, Through these seven civics lessons that can be shared with our elementary students they can begin to blossom into active citizens with their own opinions and passions. clearly described all points in one single post.Online learning presents additional challenges. Below are ten strategies I hope will help elementary teachers to engage their young learners online. Prior to the video conference, the teacher will split the students into two groups–group A and group B. I’d suggest sharing your screen and having the students’ names clearly listed in a two-column chart. I’ve done the scavenger hunt for grouping in math. I liked the fish bowl idea. Either assign students a particular slide (by writing their names at the bottom of each slide) or allow students to select the slide they want to work on. I am creating a session on online engagement for my secondary teachers and can use any help that available.

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