This is a weird one. Over 10 years later, and I am still smitten by this scent. Was. I still enjoy this fragrance, it's just not for me. This is very personal and very unisex scent (my boyfriend LOVE it). Anyone under 30 may not want to pull this off. I feel like a seductive lady whenever i wear it, and ready to take over the world. Like good wine, one must develop a palate for fragrance. This is everything that I want my winter signature to be. My favourite was when I wore it to a BBQ, it mixed with the smell of wood smoke and bourbon really well. It really opened my eyes to how vast the world of perfume is outside of the microcosm that encompasses my experience with it and knowledge of it. I was hoping for more floral, spiced chocolate. I recently learned he has been using my VS body sprays too but that's another story... Patchouli, fruit, chocolate, flowers. The scent was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumer David Apel. I tried it. The perfume is luxurious and the product range includes Eau de Parfum in 50 ml (at US$90) and 100 ml (at US$135) bottles, and a limited edition of 5,000 15 ml bottles of Parfum at US$600. I would like to smell it on a man, however. This is a badass fragrance, if someone would like to wear this then they are too, badass. I still picked up a jumbo decant, just to smell it now and again. I 90% love this perfume. Its just unmistakably unique. Next, please,” and I put away the decant I got from a subscription service and moved on. It is to me at least. Love it! It really gives me gothic vibes. Such an amazing unique fragrance. Has anyone tried the Body Spray? This perfume is not for everyone. This reminds of a bubble gum used to love as a child but not as sweet. It smelled earthy, musky and sensual. Multifaceted. As the fragrance begins to dry-down, the initial sharpness of the patchouli subsides a bit under the mild powdery effect of the white musk, but remains prominent; the sandalwood adds a soft woody accord; the floral tones move one step up and the fruity accords recede one step, the patchouli still maintains the most prominent position closely followed by the chocolate, floral and fruity accords. from the rooftops. Cashing in on his supposed 'sex symbol' status for the ladies, he posed sedutively on a cover of Vanity Fair, where he sat clothed between an totally naked Scarlett Johansen and Keira Knightly. It is a floral composition, strong and have fantastic projection. Bubblegummy, but in a dark, sexy, mysterious and sophisticated way. This one is so different, so specific, so earthy, so spicy, so not-typical-women-fragrance, so masculine, that even though I am absolutely happy to own BO, I am almost never wearing it becouse I am afraid that I will offend someone. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. I was curious about Tom Ford parfumes, I smelled Lost Cherry and it was not me. This fragrance is opulent and voluptuous without being too overpowering. Magnificent. Black Orchid simply doesn't work for me. This is one of the rare occasions that I liked a scent more at first sniff than I did the more I wore it... Don't get me wrong, this is a lovely scent, and I realize that this is technically unisex, but I believe that this is much more suited for a mature woman. I would like to get it for wintertime- it will warm me up here on the North. I really thought I was going to hate this based on the reviews. begins with the strong i think its tonka and slowly becoming a sweet and creamy . I'm glad I got to try it, It develops slowly over repeated wears and over the few weeks that I wore it I always picked up on something different. This opened with a quick blast of after-shave, but immediately hinted at the promise of things to come. It is one of my favorites and this makes me so sad as it gives him a headache. Thumbs down for sure. There really isn't any in between. Still a superb offering, now far more feminine it seems to me but still easily wearable for most men. Whether you love it or you hate it, Black Orchid is unforgettable and commanding, smoky and rich and would make a very bold statement if you ever chose to wear this as your signature scent. The words “Cold” and “Gothic” come immediately to mind, which is why this doesn’t feel quite right on my skin although I can appreciate Black Orchid’s beauty. The top notes are I don't find it very manly, it's floral with a massive dose of baked banana thrown in. Makes me smell like a rich cougar. The prominent notes here are definitely patchouli & incense, so if you don’t like that steer clear. Black Orchid is very recognizable for a couple reasons, its Black Orchid. It's the vetiver. Black Orchid is my signature. In my opinion it is a very masculine perfume and men can wear it if you are confident. Blind buy, but from seeing the reviews, I was intrigued. It was actually my first full bottle purchases. Please ignore my comment below about this smelling like Oud Wood. On my skin it opens balmy, with a decayed sweet accord that I can’t identify, but it’s earthy and slightly spicy. Rose Prick & Lost Cherry sound like scents I would love, but, alas, like a disappointing lover, do not last. This perfume transforms you into a different persona. I was in saks a few weeks ago, and i still find myself thinking back to how unique this fragrance truly is. You also don't need many sprays of this, a couple of sprays will do the job! As a 35 year old man i do see where people are coming from when this is described as a woman's fragrance in the first hour or so. The top notes are French jasmine, black truffle, ylang-ylang, black currant, and effervescent citrus. That alone is 98% of what I get from start to finish. I caught this whiff of a mysterious DREAM. Since this has become my signature perfume and I received a bottle as a 21st birthday gift, I feel like I should explain why I love it so much, especially since it has a reputation for being polarizing. I'm a classical cellist and I wear this every time I'm about to step out onto the stage. It remains to be said that Black Orchid is long lasting and with a widespread aura. Hehe. What I smell now feels like the dark mystery of flowers and spices. Having read all the amazing reviews here I was excited to get a 15ml decant of this today. It's definitely sweet but I can understand how it's unisex. I liked it but she didn't care for it. Haltbarkeit und Sillage sind überdurchschnittlich. 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