Today I’ll show you how to use a blues pattern and some improvising to get that accomplished pretty quickly & easily. Popping Chords, Soloing. About. I also teach you note-for-note a cool blues improvisation that works perfectly with the Slow, Soulful Blues lesson. View lesson . It also lays the material in front of you in such a way that you can quickly understand how all the building blocks fit together to construct the music. A Course In Blues Piano & Improvisation Step-by-step piano lessons for beginners. 02:57. Create the classic slow blues sound with this original tune. PianoWithJonny was conceived with the vision of creating high-quality piano lessons that inspire people to learn and share the gift of music. Slow, Blues Improvisation - Vol. Learn to play without sheet music. I will also teach you my original piece, “Eeek’s Blues” which has a lot of great material that you can use in your own Blues improvisation. Piano Course: Slow Bernie Blues. 5. Ultimately, you want your slow blues solo to contain a nice balance of 8th notes, triplets, and slides. Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson: Introduction 16th-note triplet exercise 16th-note triplet licks Getting the Blues feel Adjusting scores for hand size Arrangement pt 1 (m1-2) Arrangement pt 2 (m3-4) Did you use all of the techniques? Swung eighth notes Grouping Patterns Arrangement part 1 Other Chapters in this Piano Lesson: Introduction to Slow Blues Improv Scale review Left-hand accompaniment techniques Triplets vs. View lesson . 1 If you are new to improvising over the blues, or you want to do more than “hunt and peck” using the Blues scale, this lesson is for you. Adding 10ths, Improvisation. Specially created for those of you wanting to learn Blues piano, ... Great Balls Of Fire - Full Song - Played Slow. Essential chords & professional techniques for beginner, intermediate & advanced jazz pianists. Slow Blues – Bernie’s Blues – Lesson 5. We will cover over a half-dozen scales that you can use for improvisation and you’ll learn how to “hit” the important chord tones in your solo. 11:35. Want something bluesy you can play slowly and still sound great? It reconstructs blues piano from the ground up, and encourages you to understand all the building blocks so that you can start playing something pleasing and even improvising quickly. The final step in slow blues piano improv technique is to put all of the pieces together. Blues Exercise 3 - Right Hand Straight Rhythm over the 12 Bar Blues in … Share This. Slow, Easy Blues & Improvising: Do your fingers seem to only have one speed—slow? Learn slow jazz and blues piano improvisation right now! I highly recommend that you record yourself improvising and then listen back.

slow blues improvisation piano

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