In addition, o. ur menu serves a wide range of herbal soups that can be consumed along with the red dates teas. For those who prefer to shower during the confinement period, our Confinement Herbal Bath with natural herbal ingredients helps mother to expel wind, improve blood circulation and reduce after birth pain. Their food are not only yummy, always delivered warm, and definitely well balanced meal. Red Dates, Dried Wolfberry Fruit, Radix Codonopsis and Dried Shelled Longan Confinement Radix Codonopsis and Red Dates Tea Radix Codonopsis – 60 gm (Effective against asthma polydipsia, fever, spontaneous sweating and You are free to add in any ingredients that you … They are sweet and refreshing – a good replacement to your normal canned drinks and bubble teas during your confinement period. Of course, they would be delivered to you warm and tasty with preserved flavours. Red date teas has been a mandatory drink during Chinese confinement period for health reason. All Rights Reserved. Do browse through our menu to see more! The thing about herbal ingredients like red dates is that we know they’re good for us, but we are not quite sure why. For the best experience, serve and consume your longan red date tea warm. Home delivery confinement meal consists of meat, vegetable, double-boiled soup, rice and red dates and longan tea. For the best experience, serve and consume your, This is possibly one of the simplest and most basic ways you can prepare this, beverage. Tian Wei makes everything so convenient for us. Bring to a boil, and simmer for 20 to 25 minutes. On that note, here are five benefits of drinking red dates tea – whether you are a mom, currently expecting, or even if you are neither of these two! Note: This package is only 7 Meals, which can be completed in 3.5 days (It is NOT 7 … To make a refreshing pot of longan and red dates tea, simply rinse the longan and red dates, and then combine them in a medium pot of water. In case you didn’t know, at Tian Wei Signature, each meal from any of. You are free to add in any ingredients that you feel can enhance the taste or boost the health benefits. The longan fruit can be consumed fresh or brewed with soup or tea when it is sun-dried. Do ask the nanny for her red dates tea recipe which you can learn and make next time. Their portion n traditional herbs are generous. Benefits of drinking red date tea during post natal confinement: Red dates tea recipe for DIY lovers. Red dates are known for medicinal and herbal benefits. Can tea be even healthier than it already is, you ask? It also helps in the stimulation of white blood cells, which can improve immunity and protect the liver. You are free to add in any ingredients that you feel can enhance the taste or boost the health benefits. Longan is also used as anti-depressants in traditional Chinese medicine as they have shown to have an effect on the central nervous system. Today, we are here to unravel the true goodness of drinking red dates tea. This is why TCM physicians or practitioners would recommend them to patients with serious health conditions. If you have recently given birth and are in that recovery stage at the moment, you would crave that familiar warmth more than anything. Tips for Eating Right During Confinement Period, Things to Consider When Planning Your Confinement. The whole experience may only remain as a blurry memory for you now, but the feeling is vivid. Ingredients for red and black dates tea 3/4 bowl of red dates 15 pieces of black dates 50 grams of Bei Qi 50 grams of Dang Shen 100 grams of Longan Meat 20 grams of wolfberries 1 pc of ginger Remember how you used to be tucked into bed as a young child? And one thing that attracted me is that they not only serve the traditional menu, but also the fusion menu which is very delicious yet nutritious for confinement mommies. We just thought, “oh, maybe they’re good because they aid the digestive system”, or perhaps “they can give us that glowing skin complexion”, or some other things. Otherwise, you can buy red dates online or from Traditional Medical Hall, TCM clinic near you. Your email address will not be published. Remember how cosy and mellow it felt? You May Also Read this : Tips for Eating Right During Confinement Period. You may add sugar to sweeten the tea slightly. Red dates is also known as jujube, are rich in Vitamin A, B1, B2, C, protein, calcium, phosphorous, iron and magnesium. This is possibly one of the simplest and most basic ways you can prepare this red date tea confinement beverage. Longan has been proven to promote a sense of calmness and enhance sleep. In fact, there is one most popular tea among new mothers that the mothers before us would regularly drink during their postnatal recovery time — the red dates tea. Why? Red dates tea is also highly recommended after delivery of a baby (during the postnatal ‘confinement period’ in the Chinese customs) to replenish back the blood and qi.

red dates longan tea confinement

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