Welcome to RBST East Anglia Facebook's page! Founded in 1973, our mission is to maintain... Jump to. Border Leicesters flourish on a grass-based diet ... by the RBST as "At Risk," with fewer than 1500 pure-bred breeding ewes. BORDER LEICESTER SHEEP HELEN BABBS meets the hardy and friendly breed with the unusual ears. 16 talking about this. However, their numbers are recently rising, as more farmers and The nine Longwool sheep breeds are Border Leicester, Cotswold, Devon & Cornwall Longwool, Greyface Dartmoor, Leicester Longwool, Lincoln Longwool, Teeswater, Wensleydale and Whiteface Dartmoor. In the latest RBST Watchlist, published in April 2020, six of the nine native UK Longwool sheep breeds were classified as ‘vulnerable’ or ‘at risk’. BORDER LEICESTER DEVON CLOSEWOOL DORSET DOWN DORSET HORN GREYFACE DARTMOOR 1. In the 4th installment of our Rare Breed Briefings Andrea Parry-Jones explains why we will only secure the future of our native equine breeds when we fully appreciate everything they can do. RBST - Melton Mowbray Show & Sale * 13th September 2019 - 14th September 2019. This morning's breed is the Border Leicester. CRITICAL (LESS THAN 150) THE CHILLINGHAM WILD CATTLE DAIRY SHORTHORN (Original population) ... breeding females are estimated by the RBST to be below the category 6 Other Native Breed threshold will be accepted into the appropriate Watchlist category 1-5. Sections of this page. 32 were here. A tall, large upstanding sheep, … Securing the future of our rare and native breeds of farm livestock. While Greyface Dartmoors and Border Leicesters have seen positive growth in their numbers, other breeds such as Lincoln Longwool and Leicester Longwool have declined in number.

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