After about 30 minutes the oven started smoking. I concur with all of the people above that the black burned on parts aren't at all a problem. During some holiday or another I stuffed it … Q: I think I ruined my beloved pizza stone! If your pizzas keep burning on the bottom before the toppings are fully cooked, you need to rethink your recipe and your prep. In plain water, soak the pizza stone overnight, and try scraping again. I had a pizza stone that basically lived in my electric oven. I was unable to scrape the hardened, burned-to-a crisp pie filling off the stone, so I soaked it in warm water and dishwasher powder (eep, I know! I got grill up to 650 and put the pizza on. I put the pizza stone on top of the extender grate that came with the product. Hi Ten, I have a 60" oven and I understand how the perimeter can be a little cooler than the center of the oven. Re: Help - Burnt pizza bottom!! Burnt or baked-on gunk may need to be soaked to soften the material for removal. The problem isn't your oven -- it's what you're doing to the pizza … Keep in mind that in soaking, your pizza stone will absorb quite a bit of water, so let it dry completely for a week or so. Last week I made a summer strawberry and rhubarb pie and it overflowed onto my pizza stone. down in the 650 to 750F range during cooking pizza. For those of you proud stone-owners, you surely know that after a few uses, your once-gloriously clean slab starts picking up crusty bits of dark, burnt food, and dark, ominous stains. However if you want that buff color back, I got it back on one of mine accidentally. HELP! For the second pizza I left it on for 4 minutes and the bottom was still pretty burnt but not as bad. When I looked in the pizza stone was smoking and half of it had turned black. We moved into a new apartment and I read somewhere that you should put your pizza stone on the very bottom (not on a rack) so I decided to try both the new oven and the new placement of the pizza stone at the same time. I left the first pizza on for 6 minutes and it completely burned the bottom of the crust. That said, I still keep my oven temp. The corner pizzeria may make it look easy, but cooking a pizza evenly isn't always as simple as it looks. As a last resort, soak your pizza stone in water.

pizza stone burnt bottom

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