Use a pizza peel to transfer your pizza to the stone. Cook for 5-10 minutes depending on your cooking temperature. A pizza stone is a great tool — you just have to be a little careful with how you clean it. When Chucks sister in law (Dr Bec) told him about cooking pizza on a bbq using a pizza stone he knew that his favourite meal would never be home delivered again. Toss some beads of water on top. Stone Cooked Pizza on Your BBQ: Chuck US loves a good barbeque, but he loves pizza even more. Place the stone in a cold oven, then turn on the heat. Because the stone is porous, it will absorb any soap or cleanser you put on it, so never clean it with anything you wouldn’t be comfortable eating. Once you achieve your pizza cooking temperature in your gas grill (400º-500ºF), you can test your stone to make sure it's hot enough. If they roll around, then your stone is read to cook! Pizza stones may be made from heavy stone or ceramic material, but they're actually quite delicate in nature. Chuck US wants to spread … I have made pizza for 12 years from scratch and the size and the thickness of the stone is ideal. My advice to you if you are looking for a better pizza stone … Before using a pizza stone, brush it off with a dry cloth. Pizza stones start out looking pristine, but with use, the pizza stone will darken and some staining may occur. The Weber Gourmet Pizza Stone is a great tool for recreating that one great pizza you had as an 18-year-old years ago and have never found since then and is ideal for those who love thin crust pizza above all other styles. It's completely normal and part of the pizza stone’s natural seasoning process, and it won't impact the performance of the pizza stone or affect the taste of foods prepared on the pizza stone You could probably get smaller and thinner stones for a lot less but, why spend 30 or 40 dollars in something that you use quite often and enjoy. Sharp changes in temperature can shatter them.

pizza que stone

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