Perendale Sheep Society of New Zealand’s Annual Conference was action packed from start to finish. Geoff MacFarlane from Te Anau, sold a Hampshire ram to Ben Butterick of Canterbury for $7200. The Perendale is characteristically a high fertility animal, and has great potential to produce a prime lamb dam when crossed with the Merino. It is raised primarily for meat. Quality Perendale genetics on display 2 years, 3 months ago; ... interest was growing in the breed and they were pleased to offer producers the opportunity to access their genetics in Australia. Perendale sheep primarily raised for meat.The breed is developed in New Zealand.The cross of Romney ewes and Cheviot rams resulted in better meat and suitable for hills. • Breeds • The Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association Ltd The opening dinner on Wednesday night was held at the Commodore Airport Hotel. Guest speaker Nicky Blackdale Texels, from Riverton, sold a ram for $8000 to Wharetoa Genetics, and another at $6200 to Sam and Viki Holland (Culverden). The breed is named after Sir Geoffrey Peren, and it achieves its aims by being the offspring of Romney ewes and Cheviot rams with sturdy legs. The Cashmore sheep breed is a proven performer for Willatook farmers. So, it is important to choose a true to type Perendale Ram. Developed from the Cheviot and Romney, the Perendale is a dual-purpose sheep producing a 28-32 micron wool with a 125mm staple length. The Perendale is a sheep of medium size, active, alert, hardy, able to look after itself and capable of a good percentage of strong lambs. This year’s conference, held from May 15 to 19, was attended by about 65 people and hosted by the Canterbury Ward. The adult Perendale ram weighs 100 kg (240 lb) and ewe weighs 70 kg (150 lb). Test The Perendale is a breed of sheep developed in New Zealand by Massey Agricultural College (now Massey University) for use in steep hill situations. The breed is named after Sir Geoffrey Peren.. Perendale sheep breed information. Perendale sheep a medium-sized breed that is a dual-purpose sheep.. Both sheep were bred from imported English semen.Waikaka Texels sold rams for $5000 and $4700.

perendale sheep australia

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