See Also Related Articles. Leah Bodette Ynostrosa The Paradox of Duality: without one, the other would not exist. 2 : The Paradox of Duality. When I found myself challenged with an all consuming growth oriented role, I badly wanted stability. 1: Codex: Tau Empire (7th Edition), pg. The Paradox of Duality is a staff wielded by Aun'Va of the Tau. Yet these paradoxes are not meant to be intellectual push-ups or brain-teasers, but rather to transcend beyond the mind and allow insight about the true nature of things and ourselves. It can project a defensive shield that grows to match the power of the weapon that fired into it. Arguably the most prolific account is the ancient Chinese concept of Yin and Yang. Non-Duality. You will discover how to actualise your potential in the most loving but empowering way. So if one does not exist without the other is there in fact no separation in anything? I experience it all the time. 2.3K likes. As with a Paradox, meta programs do not exist other than in the face of the other. Tau Weaponry (List) Sources. Like binary code, Yin/Yang suggests all things, tangible and intangible, are made up of specific arrangement of opposing "energies." In their oppositeness there is sameness. You are the artist/Creator of your life; define your perspective. The Paradox of Duality - 1 - Binary Life Mere decades ago , man had an epiphany - that by creating a fundamental electronic language, a series of circuits could be arranged to accept carefully designed electrical inputs and deliver mathematically sound electrical outputs. The Paradox of Duality Have you ever experienced wanting to move away from something and then when you get it you want the exact opposite? 80, Aun'va — Master of the Undying Spirit Order Uchenna’s new book, “The Art … (15) Duality between automatism and interactivity is provided. Non-duality is what this talks to, a universal oneness. Twoness - Plutonian - Dyad - Line - Polarity - - Bilateral Symmetry - Light / Dark Join Uchenna on his journey to self-love and abundance. The Paradox of Duality - 2 - Yin and Yang Cultures throughout history have recognized life's Paradox of Duality.

paradox of duality

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