Designed for effectiveness and economy, a Kidde System is on guard 24-hours a day, whether people are present or not. At Fire Equipment Services, we design, install and maintain Paint Booth Fire Suppression Systems to protect your building, your equipment and your people. FM-200 systems are UL/ULC listed and FM approved. How to know if your paint booth needs fire supression? Kidde Fire Systems has developed a pre-engineered dry chemical fire suppression system specifically for vehicle booth applications. Contact Accudraft today for assistance. The Fire Equipment Services Advantage. Real World Cost Considerations of a Paint Spray Booth Installation . Fire Equipment Services has … The cost of a Paint Booth Inspection will vary depending on size, age, and the type of Suppression System. Paint Booth Fire Suppression Systems for extreme operating conditions. FM-200 systems provide maximum protection with minimum hardware, require minimal space, and are extremely cost effective. Paint Booth Fire Suppression Systems provide advanced protection in highly hazardous environments. Although today’s booths use water-based paints, the code requirements remain in place and must be met. Click here to get all your paint booth questions answered! Paint Booth Fire Suppression Systems are required to extinguish fires potentially caused by the numerous hazardous liquids associated with Commercial Painting. The Kidde® IND Dry Chemical System provides 24-hour fire protection for a wide variety of industrial processes, equipment, machinery and paint spray booth applications. (1) In addition to meeting the requirements in 15.5.3 and, the optical flame detection system shall also activate the automatic fire protection system, if provided. IND™ Dry Chemical System. The extensive regulations reflect the flammable nature of paints traditionally used in spray booths. The Kidde IND Dry … In days gone by, installing a paint booth was a matter of buying a booth, standing it up and starting to spray. Installations, and Repair of Paint Booth Suppression Systems available across Louisiana. These spray booth fire suppression systems include an attached cylinder containing the dry chemical agent and are customized to fit the size of the booth. These systems automatically detect and suppress fire—even in hard to reach areas like ductwork and plenums—before the fire can grow and spread.

paint booth fire suppression system cost

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