Thanks for the reminder. Hey everyone, I couldn’t find the extract recipe for this kit, is it up somewhere? I wasn’t shooting for a dead-on clone, just a great wheat beer with an orange flavor and aroma to it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 10# Wheat EXTRACT EDIT: So I decided if I could brew something similar to it, I wouldn’t have to buy it. Darker wheat beers like Dunkles Weissbier and Weizenbock also worked, but are not ranked as highly. That should provide 1.050-1.055 OG. Efficiency: 75%. Learn how your comment data is processed. Your email address will not be published. The color is a little dark compared to UFO White Ale , but I’m not sure that the Munich malt I used was 10L. Brewgr is an online homebrew community and recipe calculator to help homebrewers find, create and share homebrew recipes with other homebrewers. Sorry if this has already been asked but how did this turn out? I would crush and combine the munich, honey malts in 2.5 quarts of water and let them rest together at ~150F for 60minutes or so. This was the first of what I think will be many brew-dudes inspired brews for me. Not sure what flavor profile I was going to get with the American but I wanted to try a witte at the same time so there is the experiment. Beer styles that have a citrusy hop flavor also benefit from orange peel, so it’s not a surprise that American IPAs are ranked higher than English IPAs . 1.0 oz Corriander seed (2min) Orange Zest for Wheat Beer Brewing Home » Home Brewing Recipes & Tutorials » Home Brew Tutorials » Orange Zest for Wheat Beer Brewing Citrus notes are one the most sought after flavors in beer brewing especially for wheat … That should provide 1.050-1.055 OG. Wheat beers also work well, including Witbier, American Wheat Beer, and even Berlinner Weisse. And rinse the grain bed with some of the water too, right back into the brewing pot. There aren't any tasting notes logged yet, {"RecipeId":62834,"RecipeTypeId":20,"OriginalRecipeId":null,"UnitType":"s","IbuFormula":"t","CreatedBy":117472,"Name":"Orange wheat beer","Description":"","ImageUrlRoot":null,"StyleId":null,"StyleName":null,"BatchSize":5.5,"BoilSize":6.75,"BoilTime":60,"Efficiency":0.75,"DateCreated":"\/Date(1546260383497)\/","BrewSessionCount":1,"MostRecentBrewSession":13517,"Og":1.0445454545454544,"Fg":1.0084636363636363,"Srm":3.5049029529798141,"Ibu":24.052616682005194,"BgGu":0.53995670102460758,"Abv":4.6545545454545465,"Calories":146,"AverageRating":0,"TastingNoteCount":0,"Fermentables":[{"Per":"86","Amt":"6","Ppg":"35","L":"3","Use":"Extract","Id":"333169","IngId":"551","Name":"Liquid Malt Extract - Wheat - US","CustomName":"","Rank":"1"},{"Per":"14","Amt":"1","Ppg":"35","L":"1","Use":"Late","Id":"333170","IngId":"90","Name":"Honey - US","CustomName":"","Rank":"2"}],"Hops":[{"Amt":"0.75","Type":"Pellet","Use":"Boil","Min":"60","Day":"0","AA":"5","Ibu":"13.6085742514742","Id":"355723","IngId":"64","Name":"Willamette ","CustomName":"","Rank":"1"},{"Amt":"1","Type":"Pellet","Use":"Boil","Min":"15","Day":"0","AA":"5.8","Ibu":"10.444042430531","Id":"355724","IngId":"3","Name":"Cascade ","CustomName":"","Rank":"2"}],"Yeasts":[{"Atten":"0.81","Id":"92680","IngId":"253","Name":"Fermentis Safale US-05","CustomName":"","Rank":"1"}],"Others":[{"Amt":"0.3","Unit":"oz","Use":"Boil","Id":"64382","IngId":"8","Name":"Coriander","CustomName":"","Rank":"1"},{"Amt":"1","Unit":"oz","Use":"Boil","Id":"64383","IngId":"20","Name":"Orange or Lemon peel","CustomName":"","Rank":"2"}],"MashSteps":[],"Steps":[{"Id":"107182","Rank":"1","Text":"Honey 15 min"},{"Id":"107183","Rank":"2","Text":"Ground coriander 10 mins"},{"Id":"107184","Rank":"3","Text":"Dried sweet orange peel 5 mins"}]}.

orange peel wheat beer recipe

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