Whilst it is unknown if Nykona Sharrowkyn was born on the Raven Guard's homeworld of Kiavahr or on the prison-moon Lycaeus, Sharrowkyn grew up within the confines of the prison-moon's cell-blocks. Instead, Sharrowkyn ignited his Jump Pack again, throwing himself on his opponent. Their target was being held inside a heavily fortified forge temple which was protected by defence towers with interlocking fields of fire, pict-scanners, motion detectors and pressure differentials that made every attempt to infiltrate nearly suicidal. So, if you’re in a base they’re attacking you’ll probably see and hear them coming. Recalling Meduson's earlier comment that he had infiltrated the Sisypheum, Sharrowkyn realised the full extent of the truth. "You bring a needle-carbine to a sword-fight?" As the wave of roaring devastation rolled over Sharrowkyn, Wayland and the Kryptos, they were safe inside the stasis field. Making sure his opponent was truly dead, Sharrowkyn readied himself for the next fight. The chapter almost never engages as a whole, and individual companies of Raven Guard marines openly lend a hand to Imperial Commanders of all stripes, from fellow Marines to the Inquisition (though especially Imperial Guard) all across the galaxy, with ostensibly nary a shit given to what their Chapter Master wants. That said, they recovered enough to sire at least two successor chapters. Wasting no time, Sharrowkyn dived for the nearest section of pipe as the earth shook under the might of multiple coordinated detonations. If he maintains his record he is promoted. The backwall of the Apothecarion was suddenly ripped to shreds as the towering form of a Legiones Astartes Dreadnought entered the fray. To Tarsa, Sharrowkyn confessed his doubts on the course of action Cadmus Tyro had set them on: to join their meagre forces with those of Meduson and hunt down Alpharius. – Lucius, being a creepy deviant as always Lucius the Eternal is the sickest fuck in the Emperor's Children, an entire Legion of sick fucks who worship the very god of sick fuckery.That's really saying something. 05:00-Morning Firing Rites: The Raven Guard practice their firing drills. With the infiltration team's true identity still safe, Sharrowkyn advanced towards the objective. He never tired of outclassing his peers in the exercises that their sergeants put them through every day. "Put your blades away, Nykona," said Alpharius, "I said you were good, but that shadow-slipping trick my brother taught you won't work on me." Intercepting Tarsa's vox-message, Sharrowkyn quickly rushed to his friends' aid in a desperate effort to save the Sisypheum's captain. The last thing he saw before he lost consciousness was the nameplate of the station, the Sangprimus Portum. As further proof of his skill, the unknown warrior also parried or dodged the following blows, rolling across the deck and expertly blocking the Raven Guard's strikes until he regained his footing. Its primarch, wishing to do his part to stop Horus from ass-raping the Imperium, resorted to cloning technology provided by the Emperor to replenish the Chapter's numbers, which went well in the first few stages. Battling his gunship's controls to keep their Storm Eagle on course, they broke the atmosphere just as Lerna 2-12 was erased from existence by the fiery tornado unleashed by the Strike Cruiser's destruction. However, before Sharrowkyn could take his next shot, two Fire Raptor gunships were closing in on his position, their central Avenger Gatling Cannons already cycling. While still travelling to Iydris, the Sisypheum's senior Iron Father, Frater Thamatica, conducted a dangerous experiment whose eventual failure caused an enormous electromagnetic backlash which effectively crippled the warship and left the Sisypheum dead in the void. Despite their best efforts, the Iron Warriors and Emperor's Children would not be able to catch it. Sharrowkyn and Wayland were hidden in the shadow cast by the Thaliakron's imposing lighting, two towering statues of nymphs bearing bowls of burning fire. Nykona Sharrowkyn during the Siege of Terra. Before the Emperor's Children Astartes could react, Sharrowkyn had already struck again, opening his opponent's throat and skull at the same time. Benefitting from the confusion sown by the awakening of Iydris' wraithbone constructs, the Iron Hands infiltrated the tomb complex and were able to gather around the two Primarchs and their personal retinues. Determined to see the Warmaster Horus' treachery punished, Sharrowkyn would later join other survivors from the Shattered Legions aboard the Iron Hands' Strike Cruiser Sisypheum to continue the fight against the Traitors. Forewarned by a last transmission from Sabik Wayland, Cadmus Tyro realized how truly he had been betrayed, for his target had never been the Primarch of the XXth Legion but a dissident from the Alpha Legion's own ranks. And Cadmus Tyro had killed them, manipulated by the Traitors. The Raven Guard suffered low-level gene-seed deterioration (due to Corax's attempt to bolster the legion's numbers at any cost, which was cloning a few hundred thousand Space Marines that turned into genetic rejects), which means that like Matt Ward's brain, several of the unique organs of the Space Marines no longer work entirely properly. From Forge World:The Thanatar is a heavy Siege-automata, designed as a mobile artillery platform rather than a general battle unit. The Chapter Master gives general instructions to his direct subordinates and free rein to fulfill those as they see fit. It was then most fortunate for him that he encountered Iron Father Sabik Wayland of the Iron Hands Legion. As customary in boarding actions, the enemy would try to enter through the Strike Cruiser's landing bays, the sole place on a voidship that allowed the concentrated deployment of troops. The enemy was clever, trying to box him in, but they were not privy to the Raven Guard stealth and infiltration techniques, and so Sharrowkyn gradually made for his rendezvous point. Now, most of their genetic material comes factory-direct from supplies held on Terra. 15:00-Evening Firing Rites: The Raven Guard assemble for their firing drills. Whenever the need arose and important decisions had to be made, Branthan was woken for short periods of time. This resulted in a disagreement with the Warmaster, which nearly led to Corvus and Horus coming to blows. Led by Septus Thoic and Verdana Cybus, two survivors of the Iron Hands Legion's Avernii Clan, the infiltration team initially made good progress, as to the few Mechanicum priests they encountered the infiltrators seemed indistinguishable from real members of the XXth Legion. Discover (and save!) Thanks to the Kryptos, the Iron Hands now had the navigational logs of the Zeta Morgeld and the means to intercept Alpharius. Words passed between the Primarch of the XXth Legion and the scion of the Raven Lord, Alpharius praising Sharrowkyn's fighting skills. Sliding his Needler Sniper Rifle around his shoulder and drawing his two gladii, Sharrowkyn made a second jump just as the Dark Apostle drew his own Bolter. However Spoiler Sharrowkyn Kills him with ease!! Hefting Forgebreaker, the mighty warhammer gifted to him by Horus Lupercal, Perturabo struck down Fulgrim. Additionally, the Melanchromic Organ has a unique mutation that causes the skin of the Space Marine to grow paler with age. May 21, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Pierre Back. Descending on the wash of its powerful jet engines, a multi-spectrally camouflaged Storm Eagle descended on the battlefield, Sabik Wayland at its controls. Shrike has a primaris model now, looks to have been designed based on /tg/ opinion of the Raven Guard, 'emo' hair and all. This was an inherently dangerous task, as many children died in these tunnels, surprised by the unannounced surge of water that filled a cave in solar minutes or killed by collapsing stone. To gain access to the ship's interior, Wayland carried a Lascutter, a high-powered cutting tool, which would allowed the pair to breach the Morgeld's bridge and circumvent its extensive defensive measures. Of the HH Raven guard characters. The data of the Zeta Morgeld took the Iron Hands into an uninhabited and barely mapped star system at the edge of known space. 16:00-Evening Stalking Practice: Any Raven Guard member that has not been ambushed at least once is targeted by the more advanced members. Lucius lashed out, cutting Sharrowkyn's carbine in two.

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