GIVEAWAY! It's not as well made as the Zwilling or Wusthof blades -- … Mercer, Zwilling and to a lesser degree,  offered solid performance and well-balanced products for beginners looking for a bargain (Victorinox gets a lot of love online for its price tag and balance, but it's more expensive than the $16 Mercer and not quite as well balanced). All that said, the Zwilling's cuts were consistently clean, it felt comfortable in my hand, and for $50, I'd be more than happy to add this knife to my kitchen. This Japanese-style chef's knife lies at the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to price, but it rests at the top of most best lists online for a reason: it's a fantastic product. Prominent purple color on all products allows you to keep your customers safe and provides your kitchen with a simple and easy way to avoid cross-contamination. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. We are honored to provide culinary students with t. ... We've teamed up with our friend @evanvan. Since you're going to be using it a lot, a chef's knife should be a pleasure to use -- properly weighted, but not heavy enough to make using it tiring. Grab your cutting board and tomatoes -- we're diving in! The Wusthof was my original favorite knife until I got my hands on the Mac and Global Japanese-style knives, and it still stands up as a top-of-the-line option. However, the user has to be cautious as it is too sharp and pointy....Good knife... a keeper. Comment below! 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I will keep using the Artisan Revere alongside my top picks for this list, and I'll update the Artisan Revere's standing if it really does perform significantly better than the competition after six months of heavy use. That knife performed as well as any of the top three. The heavier knife weight helps guide the blade in consistent movements as you use it, but the Wusthof isn't so heavy that you ever feel controlled by the blade. The Mercer Culinary logo, Mercer Culinary, Mercer Cutlery “Coat of Arms” logo, Barfly logo, Barfly, MX3, ZüM, Renaissance, Genesis, BPX, Hell’s Handle, Hell’s Tools, Millennia, Millennia Air, MercerGuard, MercerMax, Metro Edge, Praxis, Spootensil and Ultimate White are registered trademarks of Mercer Tool Corp. KnifePack Plus, Mercer Rules, Mercer Cuts, Mercer Rules Mini, Mercer Taste, Precision Plus, Triple Diamond, Double Diamond, MercerGrates, MercerSlice, Mercer Guides, Board Buddyz and Bar Buddyz are trademarks of Mercer Tool Corp. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. All the little things matter to us because they matter to you. It's not as well made as the Zwilling or Wusthof blades -- both of which feature long-lasting full-tang design (the knife's metal travels all the way from the tip of the blade to the butt of the handle in a single piece). An array of options to keep cutlery sharp and operating at peak performance. Follow on Instagram. Overall, we tested a dozen of the most popular chef's knives for home cooks, including Mac, Global, Artisan Revere, Victorinox, Kitchenaid, Cuisinart, Homefavor, Farberware, Zwilling, J.A. David Olkovetsky, founder and CEO of Artisan Revere, told me over email that the reasons for the price tag are manifold: most importantly, the high-quality steel is made with more environmentally friendly methods, and the so-called "super steel" will retain its edge better than competitors. Its belly is also comfortably rounded, which makes the rocking motion while mincing feel natural. Some of the best kitchen tools only cost a few bucks. Global's design is also unique: the handle and blade are made of a single piece of high-carbon steel, and the handle is filled with sand to weight it. Global's 8-inch option is well-balanced and meets all your usual mise en place needs. Keep your edge. It's also lighter, which means your hand won't be guided quite as well through a tomato or similarly delicate food. Luckily, I've tested some of the most popular chef's knives on the market, and below are the best chef knife picks for every kind of home cook. No matter whether you are taking your tools to go or staying in your kitchen, we offer a vast array of choices to keep your cutlery and accessories organized and safe. From classic styles to modern looks, we offer an array of brands which feature exceptional quality in design, materials and craftsmanship. I wanted to approach the procedures as the average home cook would, focusing on general use and experience. This knife is top-to-bottom one of the best available at a reasonable price. A good knife can feel like a dream -- and it can make holiday cooking even more fun than usual -- but a poorly balanced or dull one can be a pain to use, and can even lead to more cuts and accidents. When I used the Wusthof to break down a bird, it felt as though I'd been using the knife for years. And let's not even get started on the counter space consumed by a knife set in a giant block. We promise not to spam, clutter your inbox or share your info with anyone. The coronavirus is putting a strain on our industry. Details, details, details. Grab your Mercer knives an, We are honored to provide culinary students with t, Look good in the kitchen with our new Trucker Caps, GIVEAWAY! 's and s knives were sturdier than the cheaper competitors, but they didn't stand out in any single category. We've … What is your favorite knife to use in the kitchen? The second question -- which one you need -- is harder to answer. That price tag. The only shortcoming of the Wusthof is the slightly softer steel used for its blade, which makes it not quite so razor-sharp as the Mac. It is simply a sharp knife.

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