6-pack of Masterbuilt Disposable Pans ease cleanup after crafting delicious meals. Masterbuilt® smokers deliver for those ready to master the art of smoking. Disposable pans can be also used as a liner for the Masterbuilt Non-Stick pan I agree. i use a foil pan [and re-use them after washing]. Here's why: I got a size that leaves about a 1/4 inch of opening around the pan and smoke gets through as well. The other reason is that water doesn't add moisture or flavor to the meat. Water pans are not designed for making gravy although you can use it for that if it is clean. https://smokegears.com/how-to-use-masterbuilt-electric-smoker If you are using a smoker you will want to put the 2-3 liters of water, beer, apple juice or wine in the water pan. I add flavor and moisture to the meat through rubs, maranades, injections, brines etc. I use play sand instead of water in my propane smoker. In my articles on the best setups for different grills and smokers, I advocate using a water pan under the meat or over the fire for smoking. Some smokers, like the Weber Smokey Mountain, come with a water pan. All of this is important when you consider that it has a great deal to do with your overall satisfaction with your Masterbuilt digital smokehouse and its’ ability to provide you with long-lasting enjoyment. Two reasons, I have an AMAZE-N-Smoker that i use to generate my smoke, water in the pan would make it go out. Reinhard Masterbuilt smoker parts are designed for easy set-up and installation and are manufactured to be readily available for replacement when you need them. Pans hang from the notched rack supports of the Masterbuilt MES 400 series smokers to catch drippings or sits securely on the top of the rack without sliding. Water pans. Most of your smoke is used in the first half of the cooking time anyway when the butt is not covered [at least for me]. With a full line of propane, electric and charcoal smokers, you can expect a worthwhile BBQ experience with a Masterbuilt smoker. You can put the roast holder in the drip pan or put the drip pan below the cooking grate. Use a roast holder to keep the turkey out of the water.

masterbuilt smoker water pan use

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