Currently there are many web browsers that are available, it is best to study each of them a bit and choose the one that best suits our needs. For those keyboard ninjas who hate using the mouse, switching between tabs in your browser window is essential since most people probably have a bunch of tabs open at once. Not exactly! How do you move to your previous tab on a Mac? In this case, 80% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. It gave the information I needed, and much more, I didn't even know I needed it, but, "wikiHow has often been a weapon of choice for me when I need a quick but comprehensive answer regarding software, "Nicely laid-out page that showed me plenty of options and made it easy for me to find the exact thing I'd been, "This was very helpful. Try a new mouse; if the problem stops, then there was an issue with the middle button of your mouse. Ctrl + 2 will switch to the second tab, and so on, all the way to Ctrl + 8. Make sure you are not clicking on a tab with the middle button, or that the middle button isn't stuck with the left button. By using our site, you agree to our. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. The tab overview function lets you see all the tabs you currently have open so you can choose among them without having to scroll through all of them. Here are several keyboard shortcuts to help you use the address bar in Chrome. Reload the page, move up and down, and zoom in or out with these shortcuts. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. To reorder tabs, press and hold on a tab name, then drag to a different position. You can keep repeating this command to open as many as ten recently closed tabs. This will make you switch between the tabs. Why would you want to close all the tabs to the right of your open tab? If you place all the tabs you do want open near each other, you can choose to close the tabs to the right to speed up your browser quickly. If you are already on the furthest right tab, this will send you to the one on the far left. Opt + F + Return or Alt + F + Return lets you toggle between your two most recent tabs. And for more ways to navigate faster on your Mac or in your apps, have a look at our Keyboard Shortcuts section. To reopen a closed tab, press CTRL-SHIFT-T. Using the Right Arrow in this example will take you to your next tab, which is the tab to the right of your current tab. If you don't have a two-button mouse, hold Control while clicking, or enable two-finger clicking on a trackpad. On a computer, click the tab you want to open at the the top of the Chrome browser window, or press either Ctrl+Tab ↹ (Windows) or ⌘ Command+Tab ↹ (Mac) to cycle through the open tabs. To switch between the tabs, you just need to use the key combination as mentioned above – command (⌘) + position number of the tab. This article has been viewed 582,999 times. To open a tab with your … What is the keyboard shortcut for Switches to Tabs in Google Chrome? By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. This is not the correct way to open the tab overview on an Android device. This technique will only move you from tab to tab. On iOS, place your finger on the left or right edge of the screen and swipe inward. Try again... You're not wrong, but there's a better answer! up to 8, Reopen previously closed tabs in the order you closed them: Command + Shift + T, Open the previous page in your history in the current tab: Command + [ (left bracket) or Left Arrow, Open the next page in your history in the current tab: Command + ] (right bracket) or Right Arrow, Move to the next open tab: Command + Option + Right Arrow, Move to the previous open tab: Command + Option + Left Arrow, Reload and ignore cache: Command + Shift + R, Save open tabs in a new bookmarks folder: Command + Shift + D, Move your cursor to the address bar: Control + F5, Search with your default search engine: Type a term + Return, Search with a different search engine: Type a search engine + Tab, Open a website in a background tab: Type a web address + Return, Complete www and .com in the address bar for the current tab: Control + Return, Complete www and .com in the address bar for a new tab: Control + Shift + Return, Show/Hide the Bookmarks toolbar: Command + Shift + B, Open the Bookmarks Manager: Command + Option + B, Open the Settings page: Command + , (comma), Open the Download page: Command + Shift + J, Open the Developer Tools: Command + Option + J, Open Clear Data options: Command + Shift + Delete. 1. Touch the tab overview icon. If you are a Google Chrome user or like to use it in addition to Safari, you’ll like this list of keyboard shortcuts for Chrome.

how to switch tabs in chrome with keyboard mac

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