TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from The New Order: Last Days of Europe Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Commander of the Walloon SS-Wallonien legion. Tag The SS State of Burgundy (German: Ordensstaat Burgund) is a country in western Europe. When Josias zu Waldeck-Pyrmont stops sending money to Burgundy, Himmler purges Oswald Pohl for failing to find a way to balance the budget. Official name Commander of the French SS-Charlemagne legion. With their actions shrouded in intense secrecy, Burgundy's shadow looms upon the world, driving the world ever closer to the dawn of doomsday. Burgundy is a member of the Einheitspakt, with its faction status being an Ordensstaat. Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler The head of Burgundy and the Reichsführer of the Burgundian SS, Heinrich Himmler, preaches his own ideological doctrine known as the Burgundian System. Population Five years or more of playable content for England. As time went on, Himmler and Burgundy became more isolated, more powerful, and more unhinged. Language(s) If the German Civil War reaches the Anarchy stage, Himmler will kill his puppet Reinhard Heydrich and annex his territories in the Rhineland and Alsace-Lorraine into Burgundy, complete with Heydrich's remaining nuclear arsenal. The only exception to this rule is Germany's Heydrich route, where Burgundy serves as this to the former after he secures enough warheads and loyalty in the power struggle between the Anti-Himmler Coalition and Himmlerite … Thus, Hitler offered Himmler a state of his own, the Order-State of Burgundy, in return for him and his SS forever leaving the German political sphere. Within the Ordensstaat, if we do not have total control then we have nothing. BRG The flag of the SS State of Burgundy The ideology is based on the belief that mainstream National Socialism did not go far enough towards establishing Aryan supremacy. The SS Order-State of Burgundy (SS-Ordensstaat Burgund) is a totalitarian pariah state conceived and ruled by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, the head of the fanatical Nazi Party paramilitary, the Schutzstaffel. Committee for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia, Polish Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Buryat Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, His portrait was actually modified from Ribbentrop's photo in his cell at Nuremberg. National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP-Himmlerite) Within, the society of Burgundy is an unsustainable dystopia, one where even - and in many cases, especially - the Aryan citizen is forced into hard labor. Internationally, Burgundy is also implementing a series of Globalplänen, designated Kondor, Wolf, Löwe, Bär, Drache, Sonne, Adler, and Puma. De jure, the country is a part of the Greater Germanic Reich, but it maintains de facto independence from Germany. Any person not holding up to the standard that the totalitarian regime sets is immediately sent to the death camps, a life sentence of work by the whip with no end in sight besides the unspeakable terrors used by the SS once a worker has outlived usefulness. All information leaving our territory is closely monitored and highly restricted, with all media sources within controlled by the state. They will know us only from what we want them to know. The Burgundian System is an ideology created by Heinrich Himmler and practiced by his SS colleagues. Bait-and-Switch: Germany has a large opening focus tree with lots of foreign and local focuses, but only the first focus in this tree can be taken, since it is forcibly swapped after Hitler is attacked by an assassin and has to name a successor. With a whole state under his rule, Himmler began to realize his more extreme vision of National Socialism built on a radical totalitarian Spartanist society. Burgundian System Ten years or more of playable content for three German candidates in the civil war, Japan, China, Italy and the Iberian Union, Himmler's Burgundy, the United States of America and many Russian warlords. The Burgundian military is one of the best in the world and is heavily integrated into everyday life. The country was formed to keep Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler happy after he attempted an SS coup in the 1950s, prompted by the domestic instability following the German economic crash. Common name The Fatherland may be lost, but we will burn this disease out. It is said that the nation has "more work camps than houses" in which anybody who speaks out against the state is forced into. Kalen (Calais), Dükirchen (Dunkerque), Merowechskrone (Amiens), Ryssel (Lille), Hafenstadt (Le Havre), Rodomo (Rouen), Virten (Verdun), Rheimen (Reims), Trojen (Troyes), Autrikus (Auxerre), Tischau (Dijon), Bisanz (Besançon), Leyden (Lyon), Graswalde (Grenoble), Eburo (Évreux), Neustadt (Versailles), Mannzeller (Le Mans), Aurelstadt (Orléans), Turon (Tours), Piktenstadt (Poitiers), Limogen (Limoges), Burgen (Bourges), Vichusstadt (Vichy) and Stefanstadt (Saint-Étienne). Bait-and-Switch: The focus "A New Alliance" in Lainé's BurgSys path states that Brittany will join Burgundy in an alliance, but what the focus actually does is that it causes Burgundy to invade and annex Brittany. They may hate us for it, but we do not ask for their love, only their fear. SS State of Burgundy (Ordensstaat Burgund) Given the choice of service, slavery or total annihilation, all have made their choice. The coup was a failure, thanks to intervention by Hans Speidel's loyalists; however, Hitler realized that simply executing Himmler would cause a civil war that would shatter the Reich. German (official), French, Dutch, Flemish, Franco-Provençal (unofficial) The population is controlled through fear and brutality. Whilst the Ordensstaat is unified in its loyalty, we are not a unified race. The hope was to keep Himmler from German politics and allow him to entertain his fantasies alone which he accepted. Enforcing a strict policy of state-sanctioned Spartanism, the Ordensstaat seeks to perfect the "Master Race" through trial by horrendous, gruesome fire. Collaborationist French and Belgians play an important role in our administrative and domestic espionage efforts, with our military supported by several volunteer Waffen-SS divisions such as Charlemagne, Langemarck and Walloon. Himmler gives his officers a "promotion" whenever he feels like some of them are doing ". With loyal SS cohorts across Europe, Himmler's grand plans are closer to completion than ever before. Ideology Not a soul could know of Burgundian affairs from the outside. They are a disease, infecting all they touch, and left unchecked will bring calamity the likes of which we have seen across the Reich. We are the Schattenstaat, or Shadow State, in the heart of Europe. 1954 Faction all spoilers on this page will be unmarked, monthly ''loss'' of skilled workers throughout the region, they believe the new civilizations they meet are therefore Aryan, the inept assassin, the Japanese race, the ever-menacing Jews, the decrepit Führer, his damnable personal guard, and every god he could name, After Heydrich wins the German Civil War, he'll betray Himmler and subsequently capture him in the ensuing 2nd Civil War, isn't based on any idea he had in real life, Characters/The New Order: Last Days of Europe. Degrelle was quite displeased that Himmler took over Wallonia, and as Himmler implements his Spartanist rule over Wallonia and began wiping out Wallonian culture, his resentment only grew, and he began covertly resisting Himmler's rule by stocking arms and preparing for an uprising. Burgundy uses "liquidation" as a euphemism for "extermination". He has one when the 'Kempeitai' assassin fails to kill Adolf Hitler, exploding into. Reichsmark 28,198,441 The new country was to be made up of the former area of Reichskommissariat Belgien-Nordfrankreich and the German Military Administration in France which included 'Zone In terdite,' its capital entrenched in Ost-Paris (East Paris).

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