Every house on my block has one sitting on the stoop. If you want an even more savory soup, you may add 2-3 of chopped garlic cloves when sautéing the pumpkin. This healthy pumpkin soup recipe is for those of you still getting into the fall spirit. This healthy Pumpkin Soup is rich, creamy and so easy to make on the stove or in your Instant Pot in less than an hour. Simple and easy with Indian, Thai, Ginger and bacon variations to turn this soup into a taste sensation. I modified another Allrecipes pumpkin soup recipe past recognition and decided to add it here to share. 3 3/4 cups of pumpkin; 1 zucchini; 4 medium-sized carrots (80 g) 1 leek (60 g) 2 cups of water or vegetable broth (500 ml) 2 tablespoons of light non-fat cream cheese (40 g) Black pepper; 2 boiled eggs; Salt; Rosemary; Preparation. These pumpkins, - carving, decorative pumpkins - are sitting outside in front of garden centers and grocery stores. A simple soup recipe that's cozy, comforting that's full of fall flavors and perfect anytime you're craving a healthy and delicious soup. Light Pumpkin Soup Recipe Ingredients. https://www.healthyfood.com/healthy-recipes/creamy-pumpkin-soup It has a little bit of a kick to it from the chili powder, and the orange juice and pumpkin pie spice really bring out the flavors. Have you seen the pumpkins everywhere? A quick, delicious, meal. Then, cut the pumpkin in half and remove the skin. Pumpkin soup recipe healthy (and a vegan version). This is the best pumpkin soup recipe ever because it is healthy — this means, it is nutritious. Naturally vegan, gluten-free, paleo, Whole30 compliant and can easily be made low carb. If you are not on a vegan diet, you may use Greek yogurt instead of heavy milk for a reduced-fat soup. Healthy Jalapeño Pumpkin Soup, which is low in calories and high in flavour, is an easy go-to. It was originally based on 'Daddy's Pumpkin Soup.' I love the little punch of spice, but don’t let that scare you off, it’s really quite a … I bought mine at Trader Joe’s. In a saucepan, heat the water or vegetable broth. The original recipe suggests finishing it with a bit of maple syrup, but I’ve always skipped this step. I think some lemon juice or orange zest would do as well for the orange juice. Cooking tips for creamy pumpkin soup.

healthy pumpkin soup recipe

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