Two days before the Jackson sighting, another video appeared online, allegedly filmed on the evening of 9th August. These include, “unidentified flying objects, extraterrestrial civilizations” and perhaps most interestingly “collisions of people with aliens”. Might this be proof of alien visitors from another world? You can view brief footage of the sighting below. The witness would further estimate to have been around 500 feet away from the object, certainly no more than a mile and would further estimate its altitude to be 500 feet. You can check out the footage captured in the morning below. You can see one of the Nederland photographs below. One of the most intriguing UFO sightings of 2019 occurred over the skies of Las Vegas just short of a week before Christmas during the early evening of 19th December in the Summerlin area of the city. It had yellowish brown fur, with powerful jaws and a pouch for its young, according to the. Whatever these strange spheres were, for now they remain unexplained. The following morning, in reality only hours later as we travel back across the pond to 11:30 am in Central Park, New York on 25th May. Just because we don’t have the intelligence to explain it doesn’t mean its not what it is. Is this a step closer to some kind of disclosure of activities outside the confines of our own planet? According to the details, the object had a “faded rainbow color” while also going “around itself in circles”. He would further state that just the presence of these crafts panics his herd, sometimes causing them to run and damage their enclosures. As the witness asks, this could suggest that the craft was much larger than even they estimated it to be. What we also have seen on several occasions throughout November, are incidents where quite reasonable explanations have been offered. The witness would further mention in their report that the airport was in the direction that the strange object was headed, as well as the fact that there “has been a lot of (UFO) activity” in recent months. A little unnerved, they continued on for several more miles until a red orb appeared in the sky. And, interestingly or not, the sighting occurred at roughly the same time. The witnesses would further note how the orbs would often “blend in with the sky”. The witness would estimate to being around 100 to 500 feet away from the object and estimated the craft itself could be no more than 500 feet from the ground. Might that be what is taking place with these strange orbs? It was only when the witness returned from their trip and began to go through their footage that they spotted a strange dark speck on one of the frames. And furthermore, if her husband had not seen them and pointed them out to her, she would most likely be none the wiser as they were not painful in the slightest. At around 10 pm on the evening of 20th March in Nashville, Tennessee, an unnamed witness managed to capture around 20 seconds of footage of several flickering lights in a distinct triangular shape. As the witness can be heard saying in the video, “I should be able to hear something”. However, as they passed one of the local food stores, it was clearly obvious that, whatever it was, it was something rather out of the ordinary. The witness would at this stage begin recorded the bizarre scene. Without a doubt, one of the strangest incidents to take place in November occurred on the evening of the 26th in Edmonton in Canada, although, at least on this occasion, it would appear that a rational explanation was reached – at least officially. Just what these strange, glowing, orb-like objects might be, remain a mystery. And what’s more, it would remain that way for several hours, with (local) online commentary seemingly awash with theories and explanations as to just what this “portal-like” light beam was. Many would describe the object as a glowing light, with one witness even claiming it looked similar to a “flying jellyfish”. It was due to the jerkiness and general erratic nature of its movements that made them take more notice. The light was followed by a “loud boom” which rang out from the direction of Scottsdale Airpark. You can then see the object relatively clearly. The following evening on the 21st July in Cambridge in England, while attempting to film standard aviation and wildlife, a sky-watcher managed to film a “shape-shifting UFO” in the skies overhead for several minutes. We might remember that at the start of the year one of the best sightings of a “black triangle” object came to us from this very region. No one claims to have seen God that I know of during my life time but yet everyone believes in him as I do. Here are just some of the most intriguing accounts on record by the end of August 2019. In the sky, near the object was a “ring of smoke, but no flare effect”. She would continue to film it for around a minute until it was out of her sight. He would view the lights – which were hovering – for around twenty minutes before capturing them on film. Of further interest, there was no distress call activated by the pilot, who had extensive experience in the air. The parent concerned has performed all the usual checks and taken the appropriate precautions to rule out such things as an allergic reaction or even an illness. The first incident occurred on the early-evening of 6th January at around 5:40 pm. Aliens!” to the woman driving. This object would remain visible for between 1 to 2 minutes before disappearing once again. On the evening of 26th May 2018, during a rainstorm over Brooklyn, New York, a strange object was captured on video making “crazy maneuvers” in the skies overhead. Although the incident occurred in the summer of 2018, it only came to light very recently in late-March 2019. We know of eight photographed sightings since 2005. The only sure aspect of the incident is that it “appears to be an object that moved and then disappeared”. It is worth including here. Required fields are marked *. We just never know what a difference a year might make as to what we know, what we think we know, and what we suspect to be the truth. This would allow them to see the strange, orb-like craft seemingly training the helicopter, itself it would appear unaware of any other aerial user.

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