They would bleed in the sandwiches and make the whipped cream soggy. One theory says that it started in Kyoto around the early 1920s because there are a lot of cafes in Kyoto featuring Fruit Sandwich as their main menu. Prepare plastic wrap, large enough to wrap the sandwich tightly from all four sides. Welcome to Japan. Be the first one to know for new arrivals, updates, and more... Be the first to know for new arrivals and exclusive discounts. Slices of Japanese milk bread anchored by fresh-cut fruits set in whipped cream. I recommend taking a picture of the alignment of the fruits and don’t change the orientation of the sandwich. Have fun making this recipe at home! Hi Kat! Thank you so much for trying this recipe and for your kind words! Although we don’t know which theory is true, the pairing of fruit and soft white bread does not surprise me at all. Symmetrically shaped strawberries or other fresh fruits make the centerpiece of the sandwich, as well as the sweetened whipped cream that truly makes it … If it’s hard to find Shokupan (Japanese milk bread/Pullman), use any soft bread that has a similar texture for the same experience. Japanese Fruit Sandwich (Fruit Sando) This slightly unconventional, vibrantly colored Fruit Sandwich or Fruit Sando is very popular in Japan. Washi is a traditional paper having been made in Japan for over 1,500 years. 4  Align the fruits on bread slices. Whisk until you achieve the right consistency. "Chock Full of Fruits!" A sandwich made of fruit, with a Japanese accent. Thinly sliced Japanese soft white bread goes very well with the filling of fresh fruit and whipped cream. Although Japan seems like an unlikely place for a sandwich to be invented, the Fruit Sandwich has a history dating back over 100 years. Make sure the bowl is clean and dry. Have fun exploring the 700+ classic & modern Japanese recipes I share with step-by-step photos and How-To YouTube videos. Washi also inspires artists and crafters around the world for its unique softness and flexibility. If there is any leftover whipped cream, you can dip your fruits or make Fruit Parfait. Recipe by Namiko Chen of Just One Cookbook. The sandwich consists of at least one or a few cuts of seasonal fruit, such as strawberries, kiwis, oranges, blueberries, grapes, mangos, or bananas. To be honest, the fruit sandwich is the main reason to go to sandwich shops. Your email address will not be published. When you have a soft peak, add the cream cheese, and continue to whip until firm peaks hold their form. It should be spreadable but not runny because it goes between the sandwich bread. If you’d like to share this recipe on your site, please re-write the recipe in your own words and link to this post as the original source. In this recipe, I used white sandwich bread bought at a local grocery store. My only question is what are some other bread options if I don’t have the Shokupan? Remember, don’t change the orientation of the sandwich. I plan to cut the sandwich diagonally. There are two strong theories on how Fruit Sandwich originated in Japan. These unique sandwiches are really fun to make and have at summer picnics or as travel snacks on the go. It uses simple ingredients, is easy to make, and is very visually pleasing. Place the heavy cream in a bowl in an ice bath. (Technically, it’s called “furutsu sando,” but I like “fruit sando,” as a third-gen Japanese American. I'm Nami, a Japanese home cook based in San Francisco. Odd as it may seem, but once you give the sandwich a try, you’d know instantly why it is so popular in Japan and you wondered why you have never thought of this combo before! xoxo. Now spread the whipped cream on both sides of the sandwich bread. Use of this website is subject to mandatory arbitration and other terms and conditions, select. Or suggestions for a close second? 5  Add cream to cover any gaps between the fruits. But it gives me ideas for veggie sandwiches, maybe, using sour cream. Some readers have tried this recipe with brioche, texas toast (white bread), or other softer bread. Will it work if I just get the whipped cream from supermarket? Hi Veronica! Japanese fruit orchards are small and the cost of living in Japan is reasonably high. It is usually served as an afternoon snack, but the bread and chunks of fresh fruit combination makes it a nice breakfast treat or a filling lunch as well. The smooth, fluffy whipped cream brings all the flavors together, contributing just the right sweetness. I just claim to eat. can use whatever fruits you love or you have at hand. Thank you. This post may contain affiliate links. Only on one side of the sandwich bread, align the fruits. As a result, most of the fruit grown in Japan is high quality. ). It is not hard to make, but you just have to choose your bread and kinds of fruit a little carefully. Hi Kate! If you love fruits and whipped cream combination, you may also enjoy Fruit Parfait and Japanese Strawberry Shortcake! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed the look of the sandwich as well as the taste! Ornaments & Holly. those sandwiches are so beautiful. Or for a kid’s birthday party this summer – because he/she is going to love it.

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