These short-wooled sheep have been regaining their popularity over the past couple decades with single-breed heritage fiber fans for their soft, springy wool with a spiral crimp. [1] The Southdown breed was originally bred by John Ellman of Glynde, near Lewes, East Sussex, about 200 years ago. The breed were a small breed to begin with, before Mr. Ellman’s work was continued by Jonas Webb to develop into the medium breed we know today. Gestation length—145 days TERMS TO SOUTHDOWN JUNIORS The Southdown breed leads the way for others to follow. Ram—intact male sheep ! It’s juniors are no different. The Southdown breed is fortunate in that it has not yet reached the point of being so large framed that we have segmented the breed into two distinct subclasses; one consisting of breeding sheep, and the other wether sheep Southdowns or old southdowns? Advantages include keeping the weeds and grass growth under control and … Not to be confused with the Olde English 'Babydoll' Southdown sheep. Ewe—female sheep ! The Southdown sheep breed were first developed over 200 years ago, after being bred by a man called John Ellman, near East Sussex. Weather—castrated male sheep ! The Southdown can: Pass on its superb conformation to its offspring Thrive and maintain its flesh when other breeds would likely suffer Be incredibly docile and easy to handle Be an ideal sheep … The Southdown is a small, dual-purpose English sheep, raised primarily for meat. What are some advantages and disadvantages of raising and owning southdown sheep? Ovine—scientific species name for sheep ! Mutton—sheep over a year old ! What are some advantages and disadvantages in raising and owning Southdown Sheep? Friendly and easy to manage, the broad-backed and adorable Southdown sheep are a heritage breed of sheep that originated in southern England. Lamb—sheep under a year old !

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