All work to interest and distract the eye, which is why this is such a perfect suit for someone plus size or who wants to hide some extra curve. The driver hit another car when he was momentarily distracted by a child running into the streetIt was hard to concentrate on my studies because I kept getting distracted by the television show my brother was watching. Teens are 3.6 times as likely to have an accident when there is someone else in the car with them to distract them from focusing on the road. Once your wife has arrived home, now is not the time to distract her with endless prattle of the day's events. Brisbane High was a mixed school so we had plenty to, 30. Aunt Margaret glanced round for something with which to distract her and darted to the corner where the cage was. You can see it from the window, she said to her cousin, evidently wishing to distract her mind. For not only are instances required, but these must be arranged in such a manner as not to distract or confuse the mind, i.e. Keep décor plain - favorite movie posters are a great touch, but too much clutter on the walls or around the room will distract from the movie. Their plan was that John should land in Poitou and distract the attention of the French by a raid up the Loire, while the emperor and his vassals should secretly mobilize a great army in Brabant and make a sudden dash at Paris. Clip art images do what images are supposed to do in such a setting: complement the words, not distract you from them. She tried to distract the building panic. At least then there would have been the chatter of her neighbours to, 29. Make sure that Flash, along with all other web technologies, serves to further your message, not distract from it. distract attention from real local issues. A cluttered or loud background will distract from your photo subjects. Skim your length to highlight your round facial shape rather than distract from it. Parents should pack a favorite toy or book with which to distract the child. If this happens, try a more demanding task to distract from the difficulties of dealing with the problem at hand. 4. Individuals interested in buying diamond studs should pay close attention to the diamonds' quality, since there are no other metallic or gemstone features to distract from any potential flaws. I do not want to distract his mind from his lessons, and I wish to be quite sure first. 2 5326 9) has given a lively account of the pursuit by himself and Francis Galton of a brood of ostriches, in the course of which the male bird feigned being wounded to distract their attention from his offspring. Right now, they tell me the woman I love is in danger, and you were meant to distract me so someone else could finish her off. By this time he had already entered into politics; he had been chef du cabinet of Jules Ferry (1879-1881), though this did not distract him from his literary work. It should not distract you from your yoga focus; take into account color vibrancy, smell, and sweat-absorbency. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. He let the sensations outside of his mind distract him while he checked his watch a few times. (CK) Don't distract me. Rusty is a little trickier, but you can distract him by pelting him with firecrackers first. contemptuous of the way in which Bill Clinton had used foreign affairs to distract attention from dry-cleaning bills. try its best to gather and build good sentences. I just hope they don't distract me from the actual fighting, but that's a good thing, right? Medical personnel are trained not to allow a painful, deformed limb to distract them from potentially life-threatening injury elsewhere or shock. 25. Even with my cell phone on silent, the vibration was enough to distract me. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. she replied, hoping the man in her head didn't distract her. Dantes observed, however, that Faria, in spite of the relief his society afforded, daily grew sadder; one thought seemed incessantly to harass and distract his mind. Accessories (including the all-important treat bag) should be attached in such a way that they do not distract your child from walking or pose a risk of injury if your child falls on them. It was too easy for the beautiful woman to distract him. Andersson in his Lake N'gami (pp. Avoid anything that will distract the interviewer's attention, for example dangly earrings, or wacky ties. Whatever solution you work with, your underwear should not distract either you or the crowd from the cheerleading mission: building spirit for the team, the school, and the game! These titles always featured a strong story and well-written dialogue, as there were no visuals or other graphics to distract the author. Also having a very sparkly hair piece can pull attention away from what may be a less fancy costume - in short, it can be the best way to distract the audience. While the overall graphics have changed little, it's the characters that are more detailed and the action in the background that will distract you occasionally. She forced her face to remain emotionless, her form still enough not to draw attention, like a wounded animal trying not to distract the hungry predators fighting over it. Take a rest if you experience contractions or move around if that helps to distract you, but do note the time between contractions carefully so you can call your practitioner when the contractions are the desired number of minutes apart. Contour and special effects are a great way to define facial features and distract from areas of opportunity. He found it addictive, stimulating, endlessly absorbing, and he allowed nothing-certainly no personal involvements - to. She can distract them by engaging them in conversation or mentioning the next activity. Lining Asian eyes is a great way to enhance and draw attention to the eye area and distract from the hooded eyelid. them to distract his method of government. A tattoo can easily distract an interviewer. Simply distract him by firing a short amount of ammunition, and he will move away from your friends temporarily. The circle of autograph hunters around us didn't distract him. Uncomfortable shoes, jackets that don't fit right, neckties that choke up on the neck - all of these will distract you from enjoying your dance. But it's slight and doesn't distract you. The interior of the kirk was clearly designed to have little adornment to distract worshippers from their focus on the minister. The models will probably distract you quite a bit. You will need to use bait (like a dragonfly) to distract the spiders. This puts a stop to the nursing attempts in a non-threatening way, and should distract her from it. Not only can it give your emotions a healthy outlet and relieve building tension, it will also distract you from the source of your anger and provide distancing. (CK) Tom seemed distracted. There was nothing at all in this miserable place to, 22. 16. Virgo's precision-seeking demeanor and strong work ethic often distract his heart from the concept of love altogether. Our inventions are wont to be pretty toys, which distract our attention from serious things. If she comes back, I can distract her, give you until midnight. Distract the child by pointing out pictures or objects or by using a hand puppet. Initially designed for the PC, the Xbox adaptation lost some graphical splendor, but not enough to distract from gameplay. Relatively unsophisticated, its simple animations do not distract children from the tasks at hand. Hard-Hearted Hannah Eric sics Bill's maker on him in an effort to distract Bill from Sookie for Eric's own pursuit. They do not represent the opinions of Elizabeth's real intention was merely " to drive time," to distract Scotland and to leave her rival isolated. (CK) It's a distraction. The safest colors are solid muted tones that don't distract from a person's face. Puffed sleeves and an excess of detail were said to distract from a woman's curves. 2 : to stir up or confuse with conflicting emotions or motives. contemptuous of the way in which Bill Clinton had used foreign affairs to distract attention from dry-cleaning bills. Definition of Distract to misdirect attention from one focus to another usually as an act of deception Examples of Distract in a sentence During the Trojan War, a great wooden horse was sent to distract the soldiers and allow the enemy Greeks to enter Troy and win the war. The driver hit another car when he was momentarily distracted by a child running into the street. Reining in her emotions, she tried to distract her dark thoughts by focusing on Toby. To distract attention, to put people's minds on useless or bewildering projects is a bit of sabotage, in a total war. 1 a : to draw or direct (something, such as someone's attention) to a different object or in different directions at the same time was distracted by a sudden noise.

distract in a sentence

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