Many a time just restarting does the job. This will relaunch the Discord application in the administrator mode. Find the Discord app and uninstall it. Open the control panel from the settings and click on Programs and Features. This will open a new window with all applications in your system, Locate and right-click on the Discord application and select Run as administrator. Open the settings from the bottom left in the app. I did a fresh install of Discord and Voice meter Banana even with my input sensitivity all the way down to the left, my voice will cut out. In which case, try changing the origin of your Discord servers. If you do not have a stable connection then you may face such issues. But if the audio cutting out does not budge, one cannot enjoy the game in peace. 1. Validate that the fault is with Discord by checking audio on other applications. In that case, you can adjust the voice sensitivity from the settings as described above. 1. To do that, you must uninstall Discord first. Disconnect from your host. 1. Audio may also cut out if voice sensitivity is not properly configured. Locate Voice & Video settings and open it. If restarting does … Get a different microphone and speaker. To find out if this is the root cause of the problem, try Restarting the app by … Fix 2: Update the Windows 10 Audio Drivers. In the case of orange, move the slider towards the left and try again. Keep your drivers and the application itself up-to-date to avoid facing such issues. Method 3. This will open the Device Manager window, click on the Audio input and outputs toggle. We sometime get a commission through purchases made through our links. Read More: 7 Best Asus Aura Sync Compatible Fans RGB/ARGB (2020). A new update may be the problem with audio cutting off during use of the application. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for site to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If you have tried all of the above and nothing has worked then try reinstalling the application. When the servers are working properly, you will see a green status which says All Systems are Operational. In this case, the Discord app is plagued with an audio issue that results in cutting the stream randomly. Important: if your team is facing the voice (or other) issue collectively, then try switching to the same servers for optimal result. 4. In case the status is green, then try changing the server region. The problem may occur due to echo cancellation which can be turned off from the settings. If voice sensitivity is the problem, then adjusting that will probably solve your issue. In which case, close the Discord application and relaunch it. Discord audio may cut out due to many reasons. Once you’ve restarted the computer, relaunch the Discord app and see if the problem has been resolved. Try running the application as an administrator and check if the problem is solved. If the problem remains, then move on to the next fix in the list. If you had previously made any changes in the audio settings of the discord app then that may have caused the problem. We aim to review latest  gaming hardware, PC builds, equipment and everything new that comes to the market. Learn more. Re-installing Discord will probably resolve the issue. So, to help you resolve the issue, we have gathered these fixes: The problem of Discord cutting out can be resolved by these easy to do steps. If your Windows audio drivers are outdated then this may be the issue why Discord keeps cutting out. If things start working, it means that problem is with the devices and not the application. Press CTRL + Shift + Esc keys (together) to launch the, In the task manager window, locate and right-click on Discord under Apps and select. 2. As the quality might vary depending on played sounds, volume and system, here is an instruction, how you can figure out… - Run Discord as admin - Turn off or on Windows game mode - Maximize Discord - Disable all input/output devices other than the ones used - Turning hardware acceleration on or off in Discord - Trying different audio subsystems in Discord - Reduce priority of R6S to above normal while Discord is at high - Reducing or increasing voice channel bitrate One being internet connectivity. Audio drivers are software that connects your computer hardware with the operating system. 1. Discord is an instant texting and audio communicating application. Press ctrl + shift + esc simultaneously to open task manager. Run as Administrator to Prevent Discord Cutting Out, 7. After that run the Discord application and see if it works fine. If your sound is orange then it’s not being sent properly. If everything is working perfectly then you’ll see a green All Systems Operational status. Audio Cutting In And Out Follow these two guides to fix Audio issues. Press Windows key + R, type “devmgt.msc” in the dialog box, and hit enter. So close all the discord processes from the task manager. Here is what one user had to say about this issue on the Blizzard forums:. Launch the Discord application and click on the settings icon on the bottom left corner of the screen. These applications may interfere with Discord. If that’s the case, then running Discord in the administrative mode might solve the issue. Change server region. Type change sound settings in the start search bar and open it. Make sure to check that your headphones, microphone, and speakers are not faulty before going through all other fixes. Some startup and running programs may be interfering with the audio drivers or Discord. As an Amazon Associate, we can earn from qualifying purchases. Whenever you play a game, your PC has to talk to both your GPU and CPU to let them “know” how to generate the graphics or image assets needed to play that specific game. The problem may also be due to your hardware devices. If there is a problem with the servers, then all you can do is wait. Locate and open device manager. 12 Methods to Fix Discord Audio Cutting Out Issue 1. Still, the Discord microphone not working Read more…, Discord keeps freezing error is among the top things that can ruin your game (and mood)! Discord doesn’t pick your voice when you’re talking and the other person ends up not hearing anything. Discord has been improved since our last response and they added some new settings, which control how Discord filters your voice and sounds. To close all running Discord processes completely and restart: Once any new updates have been installed and Discord is running, check if the audio is still cutting out. The Discord development team keeps releasing regular updates to fix bugs and more. Turn Down Voice Sensitivity in Discord. 2. This creates a lot of frustration. The server may be overburdened and cause problems. 2. 3. Restarting the application. If your audio keeps cutting out during Discord calls and desperately looking for a quick solution then your search ends here. – Restart. Open the control panel. Try out the next method in the list if the issue remains. You will now see an orange-green slider. Do the following to adjust voice sensitivity: 1. To offer users the best operating system they have used. If restarting does not work, double-check all your devices.

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