You’ll read A TON of reviews online with people calling it a scam and saying Cutco is … They really do live up to the hype even if I couldn't afford a set of my own. Also, as a reviewer, I have personal experience both using and selling Cutco knives when I was a college student many years ago. Great review I have two cutco knives and I was looking at the other brand and this article was super helpful. December 19, 2019 at 4:04 am I am 75 years old. Image Cutco Knives Rating #1 - Cutco Cutlery Paring Knife Classic Dark Brown Premium Silver & Nickel Alloy Strong, Durable Sharp & Lightweight: 99% #2 - Cutco Model 1721 Trimmer With White Handle Durable Carbon Stainless Steel Made in the USA Jimmy Lea. Cutco knives reviews Best paring knives – in progress Wusthof knives review Berghoff knives review Ceramic knives review Best knife sets under 200 Global knife review Henckels knives We purchased the Cutco Knives Petite Chef Knife so our reviewer could put it to the test in her kitchen. I sell Cutco knives by visiting people in their homes and demonstrating the knives. Original review: March 1, 2020. Cutco knives are known to be a tad bit more expensive than other knives, but the price is definitely justified by the performance of the knife as well as the longevity of each knife. Reply. Keep reading for our full product review. The best chef's knives tested for sharpness, edge retention, and ease of use, from German knives to Japanese kitchen knives to tackle any meal with ease. Basically he sold CUTCO knives to everyone we knew but that was okay because CUTCO … To make this review of Cutco knife sets, we researched as much as we could about the company. My son started working for Vector Marketing as a Senior in High School. You just get the commission. Here are the most important articles you can find on this site. While awaiting the arrival of the Cutco Knives Petite Chef Knife, we stocked up on fruits and vegetables, anticipating a lot of salad in our lives. For example, if you sell “X” number of knives and your commission on that sale is more than $15, then you don’t get the base pay of $15 for doing the presentation. Best Cutco Knives Review Center. Out of all the solo knives in our list, I would recommend the knife that makes everything simpler and easier to perform and that would be the Cutco Paring Knife .

cutco knives review

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