After marrying Steph, Max, along with OB and Tom went to get a present for Steph. The only remaining Cunningham child still living at the beginning of this project in November, 2019 is Glenn. They married in 1916 and enjoyed 61 years together producing a family of eight children. Gordon then proposed and the pair married. The Cunningham family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. Cindy became jealous when she discovered Darren had drunkenly married Hannah Ashworth. Gordon was an only child. He had a cousin, Benny, who was a criminal and bad influence. Gordon and Angela split up before 1995. Cindy claimed that the father was Mac but when Alfie Nightingale and his uncle Tom Cunningham do a DNA test a confusion with the samples makes Tony Hutchinson believe he is the father. Their Chapter of the Cunningham Family History began with Big Mama and Pop:From … He had a cousin, Benny, who was a criminal and bad influence. As Clare planned to leave with Max's money, OB burst into the church and told him so. He crashed the car, which killed himself and Helen. Max threatened her to tell the social services the truth, which she did. The family were one of the original families introduced in 1995, debuting on the first ever episode of Hollyoaks. Gordon was an only child. Five-year-old Tom was put to stay with sister, Mandy, however, he soon moved in with Max and OB. After months of stealing, the police came after Jude. (Picture at left  was taken January  25,  1916). There were many early theories surrounding the origin of this name, and the name was thought to be of territorial origin and is derived from the word Koenig, which means king and the word ham for a village, or coineanach, a "coney", which means rabbit and the Saxonham which means village. Cindy then started seeing Darren Osborne until he was sent to prison, where she started seeing Rhys Ashworth. Clare was arrested, however was released. She was never more active than when she was sitting at the piano in her living room beating out a lively gospel tune. She found love with Sean Tate; however, he hated Holly and began hurting her. Author’s note:  As the years have gone by,  in addition to Pop’s death in 1977, the following family members have also passed away:   Dorothy on February 14, 1981;   James on December 27, 1982;   Big Mama on April 14, 1983; Tillie on January 23, 1998;  Billy on February 3, 2004;   Kate on February 15, 2005;   Frances on May 28, 2015; and Ferrell on December 29, 2018. (Picture at right was taken March 28, 1912). Joseph married his second wife, Lela Russell, a few months later. She departed in 1998. Max confided in Steph over his guilt of letting Clare "die". Lancashire had the highest population of Cunningham families in 1891. Dawn and James "Jambo" Bolton discovered Beth needed a kidney transplant. Gordon married Angela, the pair had three daughters, Dawn, Cindy and Jude and one son, Max. Alexander de Kuningham, noted in the charters of North Berwickshire, witnessed the grant of Kirkbride Largs to the nuns of that shire, in 1190, whilst in 1403, William de Cuningham was … After Gordon's death, Max inherited Drive 'n' Buy, which he sold to Neville Ashworth. On 9 May 2008, it was announced that Matt Littler had quit his role as Max and would leave in the late Summer after almost 13 years of playing the character. He visited relatives in America immediately prior to the Revolution. On her way to the airport, she ran over Anna Green and left her for dead. He was always there to clean it all up and start over again as another crew of us came in. This memory is contributed by Legacy Keeper Janis McCoy. Before 1995, Dawn had begun an affair with best friend Ruth Osborne's father, Jack. Holly was then upset when Cindy split up from Rhys and returned to Darren, who had been released from prison. He was always the one seeing that things ran smoothly – fixing those unequaled sunny-side-up eggs and red-eye gravy and those delicious rice and biscuit puddings. In 2004, Gordon suffered a heart attack whilst driving Helen and Tom. Holly did not get along with Rhys to begin with but slowly they grew to like each other. She and Darren then decided to con both Tony and Hannah by stealing money from Tony and getting their hands on The Dog from Hannah. (Standing left to right)  Pop, Big Mama, Kate, Dorothy, Tillie, and Frances. After Max's death, Steph took over Max's half of MOB's and ran it with Cindy. Cindy, Angela and Holly attend the funeral of Max, except for Jude, who was still wanted in Hollyoaks in ten years. One of my earliest memories is marching around and around in her house to the music of “Keep on the Firing Line” played literally all over the keyboard. The following information was told by Glenn to Legacy Keeper Sandra Scott. Clare then ordered Max to kick "Justin's body", however, he could not because he was too nice. Their storylines include Gordon and Angela divorcing, Dawn's affair with Jack Osborne, her leukemia, which leads to her death, Cindy's teenage pregnancy, Jude being in trouble with the police, the death of Gordon and his second wife in a car accident and the death of Max on his wedding day to Steph. Max became depressed over his stepbrother Lewis's death and decided to make the most of his life, which separated himself from OB. After a number of failed donors, Dawn told Jack of his illegitimate daughter. Warren told Cindy that if she did, he would hurt Holly. Dawn and Jambo then kissed after realising their feelings Dawn began feeling unwell and, with Jambo, she visited the doctor, who diagnosed her with leukaemia. Big Mama, on the other hand, was constant motion. A memory contributed by grandson Allen Cunningham (son of Ferrell). Gordon then found love in Helen Richardson, the pair married in 1999 and Helen gave birth to Tom Cunningham. The following memory, told to Legacy Keeper Sandra Scott, is from Glenn Cunningham. On her sixteenth birthday, Cindy slept with Lee Stanley, she then discovered she was pregnant. Cunningham Family History The Cunningham Family around 1946. Let us know if you have family memories to contribute to this site. This was especially effective accompanied by the twinkle in his eye.

cunningham family history

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