6 THE SELF AS RISK-TAKER: A CULTURAL THEORY OF CONTAGION IN RELATION TO AIDS 102 Part II Wants and institutions 7 THE NORMATIVE DEBATE AND … 1. Cultural theory originates from anthropology and is typically based on anthropological research (with groups or societies being the unit of Branden B. Johnson, Brendon Swedlow, Comparing cultural theory and cultural cognition theory survey measures to each other and as explanations for judged risk, Journal of Risk Research, 10.1080/13669877.2019.1646310, Risk Management Theory 2 Abstract The aim of this paper is to develop a methodology for thorough empirical testing of major contemporary corporate risk management theories: financial theory, agency theory, stakeholder theory and ‘Richard Hoggart, The Uses of Literacy and the Cultural Turn’, Stuart Hall International Journal of Cultural Studies, 10(1) (2007): 39–49. HANDBOOK OF RISK THEORY, S. Roeser, ed., Forthcoming, Harvard Law School Program on Risk Regulation Research Paper The Cultural Theory of Risk for Climate Change Adaptation SHANNON M. MCNEELEY North Central Climate Science Center, Natural Resources Ecology Lab, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado HEATHER LAZRUS Kahan, Dan M., Cultural Cognition as a Conception of the Cultural Theory of Risk (April 21, 2008). ‘Base and Superstructure in Marxist Cultural Theory’, Raymond Williams New Left Review, The cultural theory of risk (or cultural theory) argues that we should be thank ful for a society in which the discourse on risk is highly politicised because this demonstrates a … influence risk perceptions, risk judgments, and preferences for risk manage-ment strategies. 2.

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