I couldn’t find this anywhere in the patch notes or in the descriptions so decided to test it. Calculate optimal failstacks for accessories, weapons and armors. On Xbox if you use the Pearl Store item Ornette's dark honey wine you can raise the tier/quality of your fairy. BDO Fairy skills, effects/fairy type “The number of skills Laila can learn depends on her innate potential. Nov. 2020 update! button uses failstack Forest of Seclusion (Can be obtained through [Exploration] Forest of Seclusion Can be obtained through [Dialogue] Fairy Nest) Western Guard Camp (Can be obtained through [Exploration] Western Guard Camp Can be obtained through [Dialogue] Jamie Can be obtained through [Dialogue] Cliff) Coastal Cliff (Can be obtained through [Amity] Incas) Every enhance is capped at 90%. softcap Fairy Queen Theiah. Black Desert Online failstack calculator with enhance simulator. less effective, Accessories have a lower threshold depending on enhancement level, 90% is the Cap, you can never reach 100% chance to succeed, Green, Blue, and Yellow Accessories Enhance at the same rate, PRI - PEN has the same chance of success no matter what rarity of gear you use. values based on MSHR chart. Make sure you have completed [Boss] Witch-Hunting as well. Fairy Sprouting. Then process (L) > Grinding the Wild Beehive for a chance of obatining Top-Quality Cooking Honey softcap Nov. 2020 update! After threshold failstacks are less effective. Before If you found the guide useful then please share it with your friends and allies in Black Desert Online and feel free to look at my other BDO guides. Each Sealed Fairy Wing you turn in rewards you with sweet honey wine, with the amount depending on the Sealed Fairy Wings tier. Softcap So I had some extra fairies lying around and decided to turn them in for sweet honey wine. This quest will take you to the Kamasylvia temple in Mediah. Additionally, if you give your fairy certain gear items, Black Spirit’s Claw, Sweet Honey Wine, or Ornette’s Dark Honey Wine, you can make the fairy grow. * Added Blackstar and Dead God's Armor. Top-Quality Cooking Honey x2 – obtained by shooting and looting Wild Beehives south of Velia. softcap Black Desert Online failstack calculator with enhance simulator. So that’s it for this BDO fairy guide. Calculate optimal failstacks for accessories, weapons and armors. threshold failstacks are equal. Fairy Sprouting ( Metamorphosis) INFO. Green, Blue, and Yellow Accessories have the same chance, 70% is the threshold for armor and weapon enhancement, Before 70% each failstack is worth the same amount, after 70% threshold failstacks are To start the Fairy companion quest you will need to be level 52 and take the quest Fairy Queen Theiah from your Black Spirit (suggestions tab). There are 5 levels in fairy skills, and you cannot raise or lower the level once you learn the skill.

bdo fairy sprouting

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