Sure, these red satin sheets are sexy and luxurious, but they're also ideal for those among us who like to sip Pinot Noir in bed. Unlike 100% cotton sateen sheets, the 1771 Sateen Sheets contain a cotton blend that is designed to stay soft over years of regular use and washing. Cotton sheets. If you like the shiny style and silky feel of satin, it’s best to buy sheets made from silk, rather than nylon or polyester. Source(s): satin sheets comfortable: Percale is the crisp, durable plain weave fabric typically used for sheets… Cotton sheets are soft, comfortable … Laura Hanrahan Laura is a NYC-based freelance writer. Sateen is a cotton cloth made with a satin weave, a weave that produces a very soft, lustrous feel but can be somewhat less durable than a tighter weave. The cotton/polyester blend comes together to create silky-smooth sheets … 1771 Sateen Sheets Editor’s Pick. Are satin sheets comfortable? I was thinking about purchasing these satin/silk like sheets at Ross for $17.99 should I go for it? Although they are more expensive, satin silk sheets don’t trap body heat like the man-made fibers often do. What feels soft and silky to you may not feel that way to someone else. The way sheets feel is a completely subjective experience.

are satin sheets comfortable

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