The house of Arabian Oud is a fragrance house that was founded in 1982 by Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Al Jasser with the purpose to blend the best scents and oils in the world. Al Rehab is the best Arabian Perfumes from Middle East, Al Rehab Perfumes supplying quality Arabian Attar, Bakhoor Home Fragrance, Oriental Attar, Arabian Blend, Top quality Arabic perfumes from Saudi Arabia, Try our rehab quality Fragrance Arabic Attar A dance between dignified oud and powdery rose, this fragrance perfectly captures the enigmatic charm and opulence of the Middle East. You will desire Arabian Oud Lara in Spray’s attractive smells. Ghroob by Arabian Oud is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women and men. Arabian Oud 400 unique Oriental and western luxurious fragrance, Arabian Oud is the largest fragrance manufacturer and retailer around the world specializing in incense, Oriental perfumes and oil perfumes, Being the scent of luxury, Arabian Oud is a promi The memorable factory Arabian Oud found how to delicately produce a seducer perfume composed of Lavender, Bulgarian Rose, Rosemary, Convolvulus, musk, patchouli. Established in 1982, with more than 3700 employees, 800 branches and more than 400 unique Oriental and Western luxurious fragrances, Arabian Oud is the largest fragrance manufacturer and retailer around the world specializing in incense, oriental perfumes and oil perfumes. Specializing in exotic and unique fragrances from all over the Middle East, middle eastern fragrance oil, oil fragrance, bakhoor, arabian fragrance, perfume in bahrain, oud, agarwood oil, musk fragrance oil, white musk home fragrance oil, fragrance oil, fragrance perfume, oriental fragrance, aloeswood oil, aloeswood incense. Shop now from Arabian Oud for Best Men's Perfumes - Arabian Oud for Perfumes is No. Top notes are Saffron, Orange Blossom, Agarwood (Oud), Cinnamon, Marjoram and Thyme; middle notes are Gardenia, Palmarosa, Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine and Geranium; base notes are … 1 in the Middle East and Africa, Price: 400.00 SAR and above, Fragrance: For Men Originally starting in the Middle East, the house of Arabian Oud currently has over 900 stores worldwide selling their beautiful fragrances. The Arabian Oud Interior Scent by LUMIRA is an easy to use spray, ideal for daily use within any space. An exclusive sensation that will exhort you to the following emanations on: Floral, Musky, Patchouli, Occidental.

arabian oud home fragrance

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