Basic physics is why aerial needs more than making a hammock to sleep in; when people can potentially drop ten feet, they build up enormous momentum that is immediately transferred to the rigging point when the drop is stopped. Installing your hammock is the sole responsibility of the hammock owner. It's comfortable, durable, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.Plus, it's a ton of fun! We recommend hiring a licensed contractor or professional aerial rigging expert to assist you with installation to ensure it is both structurally safe and secure before using. You'll get: 1 Studio Quality Nylon Tricot Silk Aerial Hammock 2 Steel Locking Carabiners 1 Swivel 2 Aluminum O-Rings This equipment allows you to hang your hammock from a single point, and the swivel allows you to spin and have a wide range of motion. The aerial hammock set comes with everything you need to start practicing Aerial Yoga today. Stop trying to injure people, “Naturally Raw”. The aerial yoga hammock can be suspended from either one or two points and will help support and deepen your yoga poses. You’ll need an aerial yoga hammock, and rigging to hang the yoga swing. Remember that we are speaking about rigging for hammock aerial yoga and fitness movement, not drops/acrobatics. DISCLAIMER: All ZenSlings come pre-assembled and ready to hang. This professional quality Aerial Dance Hammock for Circus comes with rigging to get you started! ... Uplift Active Height Adjustable Aerial Fitness Rig. It is a … This height-adjustable aerial yoga rig from Uplift Active is another good option for you for your indoor aerial yoga sessions.

aerial hammock rigging

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